Movie Review: Sing (2016)


Sing (2016)

Genre: Animated, Music,Drama

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Scarlett Johansson, John C. Reilly, Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly, Nick Kroll, Nick Offerman,

Rotten Tomatoes 69% (A smidge too low, but acceptable for sure.) 6.3/10 (Too low) 79% audience enjoyed (Seems about right.)

IMDb: 7.3 of 2,700+ ratings (About perfect)

It should be no secret to long time readers that I love a good animated film. Animation is one of the few places where new quality characters and stories can still be produced in Hollywood.  There are often powerful messages of inspiration for young and old to contemplate. The artistic side of these films from backgrounds, musical scores, to the very character development can be breathtaking. I hope one day to make an animated film myself. It would be tons of work, but to create something magical like that would be outstanding.  This year was expected to be very strong for animated movies and it didn’t disappoint. Sing happens to be the last animated film of 2016 and I was hoping it would be noteworthy. A story about a struggling theater which decides to put one last show on to save the theatre. You’ve seen this story before, but could the characters add new depth to a familiar story?

What I Didn’t Like

Sing was better than I expected, but the biggest flaw came at the end where at least one major storyline was left unanswered. It didn’t wrap up something nicely, but clearly suggested there was going to be this conclusion.  That was a significant issue.

There was one character which got pushed around a bit by a lead character. Forced to be a bit more dainty and princess-like then I’d prefer. (Though it gets alters.) I would have rather let her personal tastes shine more.

You can knock it for not be the most original story. Struggling venue, one last show to save it, a bunch of hopefuls looking to make it big.  Finding newfound strength and the like.  Yes, yes, it’s very common story. If you are looking for something bold and refreshing, this isn’t your film. If you want entertainment for audiences young and old, then you have found the right movie.

I would have loved to see a film with more original music. Have the familiar pop favorites of course, but add some more beautiful original songs into the mix. Would have made the film stand out more.

There were a few characters which I was confused about how they knew each other. Why are they friends exactly?  I didn’t understand that because it wasn’t well defined. I wanted a bit more conviction.  The film does also have a lot of characters to follow and for some that may take away too much from the development of a plot. We don’t see enough of all the characters as we may wish to.

There were a couple fart jokes thrown into the film. I guess for the sake of the children, you must have one now.  It’s a trend, but my goodness does it have to be?

What I Did Like

I expected the humor and the light-hearted atmosphere. It was very enjoyable. I was having a bad day and this film really helped improve my mood. I’m thankful for that.

I wasn’t surprised with the wide list of songs used throughout the film, that too was pleasant. The film was filled with positive energy and beautiful animation.  It may not be groundbreaking, but it was certainly above-average.

What hit me was that the film had some heart. You felt something for the characters on a deeper level.  This film is for anyone who has struggled with a dream or a desire and fell short.  If you know failure, if you know fear (fear of failure), or long for days since passed where your passion once filled your life, this movie will speak to you.  It may inspire you to try again or in the very least look at your situation in a new angle.  Do you do what you do for the love of the craft/scene?  Or is it for the fame and riches? I see nothing wrong with either, but you need to have the former before you can get the latter. Because reality isn’t quite such an animated fairy-tale, this film embraces this where others would gloss over it more aggressively.

Conclusion– Sing is not here to alter the animated landscape.  It won’t be the movie everyone needs to live up to from now on. However, for a film with so many characters and stories, it does justice to them all with some heart and humor. A fluffy and entertaining film which is perfect for the holiday season.  A fine finish to the 2016 animated year and remember, it was quite the year.

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