July 2016 Box Office Breakdown

July 2016

Name and IMDB Studio Budget Domestic Box Office Worldwide Box Office Andrew’s Grade
BFG (6.5) Buena Vista (Disney) 140 Million 55.4 Million 177.9 Million B
Secret Life of Pets (6.6) Universal 75 Million 368.1 Million 875 Million C-
The Legend of Tarzan (6.4) Warner Brothers 180 Million 126.6 Million 356.7 Million C-
The Purge: Election Year (6.0) Universal 10 Million 79 Million 118.4 Million F
The Infiltrator (7.1) Broad Green Pictures NA 15.4 Million NONE B-
Ghostbusters (6.6) by consensus Sony/Colombia 144 Million 128.3 Million 229.1 Million C
Ice Age: Collision Course (5.7) Fox 105 Million 64 Million 407.4 Million F
Star Trek Beyond (7.2) Paramount 185 Million 158.8 Million 343.3 Million B+
Lights Out (6.4) Warner Brothers 4.9 Million 67.2 Million 148.7 Million C
Batman: The Killing Joke (6.6) Warner Brothers (DC Entertainment) NA 3.7 Million NONE C-
Jason Bourne (6.7) Universal 120 Million 162.1 Million 415.2 Million C+
Nerve (6.7) Lionsgate NA 38.5 Million 81.4 Million C-
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (6.0) Fox 33 Million 46 Million 77 Million D
Bad Moms (6.3) STX Entertainment 20 Million 113.2 Million 179.3 Million C



Ghostbusters 2- Was either cancelled or put on hold.  A late rally did push the movie’s worldwide gross over it’s production budget.

Secret Life of Pets 2 will likely be out on July 11th, 2018. Expect it to use Toy Story 2 premise. Chris Renaud (Director) and Brian Lynch (Writer) (Secret Life of Pets) to return

Legend of Tarzan 2- is likely to be a thing despite US box office returns being lackluster.

The Purge 4- Likely to be a prequel which sets up why there is a purge.

Ice Age 6- There is no word on this, but the film somehow made a lot of money overseas.  STOP WATCHING GARBAGE!

Star Trek 4- Will happen and several of the cast onboard (with obvious exceptions- RIP Anton!).


There will be a Lights Out 2

Bourne 6 will expand the Jason Bourne universe (Think Bourne Legacy).

Bad Moms 2 or a Bad Dads movie is coming.

Winners and Losers


Universal – They brought back Jason Bourne and made considerable profit. They basically stole the premise for Toy Story for Secret Life of Pets, made an average film at best and made a huge profit and now have a new franchise to market.  Then they made a cheap horror movie using The Purge trope and again came out winning big.  It was a great month for Universal.


Ghostbusters- The film wasn’t great and it needed to be in order to push back all the intense hatred. (What was up with that?  Sexism?)  Plans for the sequel were stymied and maybe cancelled outright.

American audiences.  Many in the USA turned away from these films. Despite this fact, they did well and many will have sequels. Meaning that there will be a whole bunch of movies people in the United States do not care about.





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