March 2016 Box Office Breakdown

March 2016 in the Worldwide Box Office Scene

Name (IMDb) Studio Budget Domestic Box Office Worldwide Total Andrew’s Score
Zootopia Buena Vista (Disney) NA 341.2 Million 1 BILLION DOLLARS A-
Midnight Special Warner Brothers NA 3.7 Million 6.2 Million B+
Knight of Cups (5.7) Broad Green Pictures NA 566,000 NONE Did Not See
London Has Fallen (5.9) Focus Features 60 Million 62.5 Million 205.7 Million D
The Other Side of the Door (5.3) Fox NA 11.3 Million 14.3 Million Did Not See
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (6.6) Paramount 35 Million 23 Million NONE C-
10 Cloverfield Lane (7.3) Paramount NA 72 Million 108.2 Million A-
Everybody Wants Some! (7.1) Paramount NA 3.4 Million NONE C-
The Perfect Match (4.7) Lionsgate NA 9.6 Million 10.4 Million Did Not See
The Young Messiah (5.4) Focus Features NA 6.4 Million NA Did Not See
Miracles From Heaven (6.9) TriStar 13 Million 61.7 Million 73.8 Million C
The Bronze (6.0) Sony Classics NA 615,000 NONE F
The Divergent Series: Allegiant (5.7) Lionsgate/Summit NA 66.1 Million  179.2 Million Did Not See
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (6.8) Warner Brothers 250 Million 330.3 Million 873.2 Million B (Uncut version)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (6.1) Universal NA 59.6 Million 88.9 Million C



While Zootopia 2 hasn’t been officially announced yet, many whispers around suggest it will be.  After making a billion dollars worldwide it is hard to imagine Disney not trying a second one.

With the financial success of London Has Fallen, the third installment entitled Angel Has Fallen is scheduled for 2018.  Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman have both signed on.

It is still heavily under-wraps, but after the financial and critical success of 10 Cloverfield Lane. A sequel is very likely. How much related to the previous two movies is under speculation for obvious reasons which I can’t explain because Spoilers.

Allegiant did rather poorly. To the point where Ascendant will be released June 9th, 2017 as a TV Movie.

The relative success of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 may produce a third installment, but expect it to be the last one given the age of the cast.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was met with critical hate, but it was a financial success. While it did not make the WB’s expected 1 Billion dollar mark, it came fairly close.  Aided by the fact that many hardcore DC fans actually enjoyed or loved the movie.  Batman and Superman will return in November 2017 with The Justice League.  Wonder Woman will have her solo movie be released June 2nd.  There is another Batman solo film in the works with Ben Affleck as both director and Batman. The release date is unknown. Despite the venom of critics, the Warner Brothers new DC comic universe is setting records and making vast amount of money. As long as that continues, expect their universe to only expand.


Disney won big with Zootopia which I’m not sure was the plan. Releasing a movie in March is a gamble. Most March movies aren’t terrible, but often can’t stand up to the competition of the summer season.

Much to my dismay, London Has Fallen was rather successful despite being largely the same exact plot as the last film.  Sometimes a mindless action film is all you need.

10 Cloverfield Lane did well, but that was largely because it carried the name of its predecessor. A move that was divisive despite the movie being exceptional. A relatively low budget horror movie with strong characters can and still does win audiences and critics over.


*Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is not a financial failure by any means. Still, it didn’t hit the projected billion dollar mark which has become common with live-action Batman related features.  Also, the vast number of critics loathed it.   The true loser in this entire thing happens to be fans of Superman. They are still waiting for another good movie about their favorite DC character.  A film many fear may never come now.




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