February 2016 Box Office Breakdown

February 2016

Here is a look at 2016 in February. One clear winner emerged from this list.

Name (IMDb) Studio Budget Domestic Box Office Worldwide Total Andrew’s Score
The Choice (6.5) Lionsgate NA 18.7 Million NONE NA- Romance- not my film
Hail, Caesar (6.3) Universal 22 Million 30 Million 63.2 Million C
Pride Prejudice and Zombies (5.8) Sony/ Screen Gems 28 Million 10.9 Million 16.3 Million D-
Deadpool (8.1) Fox 58 Million 363 Million 782.6 Million A-
How to Be Single (6.1) Warner Brothers/ New Line 38 Million 46.8 Million 112.3 Million D
Zoolander 2 Paramount NA 28.8 Million 55.9 Million D
Triple 9 (6.3) Open Road Films NA 12.6 Million 23.1 Million C-
Race (7.1) Focus Features NA 19.1 Million 24.9 Million B-
Risen (6.3) Sony/Colombia 20 Million 36.8 Million 46 Million Did Not See
Grimsby (6.2) Sony/ Colombia NA 6.8 Million 25.1 Million D
Gods of Egypt (5.5) Lionsgate/Summit 140 Million 31.1 Million 150.6 Million F
Eddie the Eagle (7.4) Fox 23 Million 15.7 Million 46.1 Million B-



Despite a disappointing release, the possibility of a Zoolander 3 is very real.

Deadpool 2 currently has a March 2nd, 2018 release date. T.J. Miller has sadly gave up directing this film. However, as of now many of the writers have remained on board. John Wick (2014) director David Leitch is now attached to direct.





Winners and Losers


Fox Studios and Deadpool were clearly the big winners in February.  Fox found another franchise which id desperately needed to keep their comic book film reputation afloat.  Deadpool will get at least one more movie (likely two) and Ryan Reynolds is expected to get a mighty big paycheck one imagines.

We also benefit from most openings for rated R comic book films. Starting with Logan (2017).


Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies did not do well. It may have taken the axe to future ideas of like minded crossovers.

Lower Budget Biographical and Historical films still make money. Expect plenty more like Eddie the Eagle and Race to come down the pipe.

We lose because there will likely be comic book movies which are rated R and will falter badly because not all studios will understand or respect why Deadpool (2016) was so popular.

Gods of Egypt may have earned back it’s budget (barely). It can seen as a massive early disappointment this year.


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