January 2016 Box Office Breakdown

Name and IMDb Studio Budget Domestic Gross Worldwide Total Andrew’ Grade
The Forest (4.8) Focus Features 10 Million 25.5 Million 37.6 Million F
The Masked Saint (4.7) Freestyle NA 182,000+ None F-
13 Hours (7.3) Paramount 50 Million 52.8 Million 69.4 Million D+
Norm of the North (3.7) Lionsgate NA 17 Million NONE F-
Ride Along 2  (5.9) Universal 40 Million 90.8 Million 124.2 Million D+
The 5th Wave (5.2) Sony/Columbia 38 Million 34 Million 109.9 Million F
Jane Got a Gun (5.8) Wienstien NA 1.5 Million NONE F+
The Finest Hours (6.8) Buena Vista (Disney) NA 27.5 Million 52 Million C
Fifty Shades of Black (3.5) Open Roads Films NA 11.6 Million 21.1 Million F-
The Witch (2015) (6.7) A 24 NA 25.1 Million 40.4 Million B
Dirty Grandpa (6.0) Lionsgate NA 35.5 Million 58.4 Million F
The Boy (6.0) STX Entertainment 10 Million 35.8 Million 64.1 Million F
Kung Fu Panda 3 (7.2) Dreamworks NA 143.5 Million 519.8 Million B

Notes- Ride Along 2 earned enough to merit another sequel. Ride Along 3 coming in 2018.

Kung Fu Panda 4 is confirmed with many of the voice actors already returning.  The release date or year has not been announced.  Kung Fun Panda was 2008, Kung Fu Panda 2- 2011, and Kung Fu Panda 3 2016 so I’d look between 2019-2021 for a 4th installation of the series.


January winner was obviously Dreamworks with Kung Panda 3 proving that with a good brand name, people will come regardless the time of year.

Other winners include

Kevin Hart because he keeps making comedies people want to see.  He will continue to do so for years I am thinking.


Disney didn’t fare well with The Finest Hours despite the film being among the better released this month. (Historical dramas are never big sellers.) Disney had substantial losses with this one.


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