Superhero Question


With Doctor Strange released last week in America, all of this year’s superhero movies are out.





Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Captain America: Civil War


X-Men: Apocalypse


Batman: The Killing Joke


Suicide Squad


Doctor Strange


So what was your favorite and least favorite of the group?


7 thoughts on “Superhero Question

  1. I loved Deadpool, it was one of the best superhero? antihero? movies i’ve seen! In saying that even though everyone disagrees i really enjoyed suicide squad, well actually the extended cut. I think out of all them i liked batman V superman the least

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    • I really liked Suicide Squad too. Saw it three times in theaters and Deadpool was amazing. The story wasn’t the focus, but the character was. Deadpool is such a fascinating character. I hope they do the sequel justice. Thank you for your input!

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