Movie Review: Doctor Strange



Doctor Strange (2016)

Genre: Action,Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, (Superhero)

Director: Scott Derrickson

Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Wong, Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tilda Swinton

Budget: 165 Million

Box Office: Worldwide: 132.9 million (not including US totals still unknown)

IMDb: 8.0 of 42,000+ ratings

Rotten Tomatoes: 90% and a 7.3/10 (90% of audiences enjoyed it)

Doctor Strange Plot:

The renowned neurosurgeon Dr.Strange looks to heal his injuries after a devastating car accident.  What he finds is far more than he ever could have expected.

What I Didn’t Like:

The first act of this movie is setting up the world and its various characters. This may not be the most intense period of the film, but it is important.  World building matters and Doctor Strange needs that more than any other Marvel movie to date. However, the first act doesn’t flow seamlessly from one scene to another.

There is a lot of exposition, but that can be excused given the incredible expansion of the known universe of this film. The metaphysical and philosophical unite and that can be incredibly difficult for some to embrace.

Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One is controversial. Many people feel it should be played by someone Asian. I understand this is an issue because many roles throughout history meant for Asian actors have gone to others. I feel they should have found another to play that role.  However, I think  Swinton did a solid job in her role and I won’t blame her. Though even with this issue, I credit this film for being more diverse than your average Marvel film.

The villain known Kaecilius played by Mads Mikkelson was good, but I wish he was given more screen time. I feel he is among the better Marvel villains to date. (A weak list to be honest.) He has a purpose to his villainous actions which he believes is justified and I think that always makes a better villain.

What I Did Like:

The visual aspects of this movie are impressive. Some of the finest that I’ve ever seen. The mind bending nature of the film will put it in the talks with Inception and The Matrix for years to come.

The cast was very good as everyone preformed admirably. Benedict Cumberbatch was a perfect casting choice for Doctor Strange (We all kind of knew it when the casting came down) and he proved it in this film.  This movie had some of the best secondary characters in the Marvel cinematic universe to date. They had more depth than average and spoke to  a more personal story.

Much like Ant-Man in 2015, this film is a personal journey for Dr. Strange. You witness a transformation from someone with a talented set of skills already which becomes amplified with the use of something extraordinary.

For someone who is scholar of Eastern philosophies, religions, and culture, this movie fills me with joy. Sure, it skews certain aspects  for the purposes of making Doctor Strange like the comics, bending the physical, mystical, and scientific worlds into one complex web. The opening for new opportunities and adventures become endless.

This film has layers to it much like the work of the Russo brothers.  The Russo brothers may deal in political thrillers with concepts that we deal with on a very real level everyday (national security, the expansion of the  NSA, use of military) with superheroes attached.  Doctor Strange deals with the worlds beyond our own. The endless possibilities of the universe (multiverse) and the  man made creations which have powered us.  This film looks for another way and if you search deep enough, you can find this beautiful, hopeful, and inspiring message within the film.


If you are looking for a Marvel film that has all the action and humor you’ve grown to love, then is a film you are going to enjoy. However, this Marvel films t goes in a different direction than its predecessors as it dives into the metaphysical world. It is a funny, action packed, well-acted, film with outstanding a visuals.  It may not be the best Marvel film ever made, but it is certainly not the worst.



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