Leftovers of October 2016 (What’s Still Fresh and What Is Not)

October Leftovers

October 2016 was like the rest of the year when it comes to film, a few good films, but a lot of missed opportunities and disappointments. Actually, it was much worse than that. Let’s see what can be salvaged.


The Accountant

Genre:Action, Crime, Drama

Starring: Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Jon Bernthal

IMDb:7.7 of 21,000+

Budget:44 Million

Box Office: Worldwide total 84 million

Ben Affleck stars as an autistic accountant who has a very different set of alternative skills. This movie is violent and well acted. It may not transcend others of its kind, but it is intense and well acted. October may have been the biggest bust of the year, but this movie was among the finer ones.

Check out an awesome review by the always entertaining Aristotle Full Throttle



Genre: Drama

Starring: Naomie Harris, Mahershala Ali (Luke Cage)

IMDb: 8.6 of 1,600+

A film that I didn’t hear about until the day it was released. It doesn’t seem to be playing too many places, but if you can find it. Watch it!  Not only does it appear to be one of the best films of the entire year, but it features a great cast and has plenty of social commentary.  It shares the story of how it can be for a young black man to grow up in America.  I think it should be watched, if you can find it, please do so. (Yes, this movie probably should get at least some Oscar consideration for its cast alone.)



Matter of Taste


IMDb:6.4 of 25,000 ratings

Tom Hanks is the best part of this film, but the rest of it is boring and at times confusing. A shame when a talented actor is wasted on a so-so story. Also, it is starting to feel like Ron Howard is very hit or miss.


Ouija: Origins of Evil

IMDb:6.7 of 4,600+

The first one was atrocious and I was not looking forward to this film in any shape or form.  However, I must say that it has wildly exceeded many people’s expectations. (Currently a 6.8 on IMDb, compared to 4.4 for it’s original.) Need a horror film for this month to watch around Halloween. Ouija:Origins of Evil may be your best pick


Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

IMDb: 6.4 of 10,000 ratings

The first one wasn’t particularly memorable and this one seems to be more of the same. If you love Tom Cruise movies, watch it, but otherwise stay home.


The Girl on a Train

IMDb: 6.7 of 20,000 ratings

Despite the talented Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson, this thriller is a mixed bag. There is value and interesting scenes scattered throughout, but also lots of confusion and boredom.  Some will come out pleased, but certainly plenty won’t be satisfied at the same time.

Need a detailed look? Check out JumpcutUk for a solid review.



On the Edge

American Pastoral

Director: Ewan McGregor

Starring: Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Connelly, Dakota Fanning,

IMDb:6.2 of 637ratings

A small town hard working family gets unraveled when their daughter joins a dangerous political movement which threatens them all.

It has religious and or conservative overtones (not necessarily a bad thing), but it does seem to be a bit too preachy for its own good.


I’m Not Ashamed– The story of the first person killed at the Columbine massacre in 1999.  Again, I’m  mixed about people trying to profit from such a tragedy. However, if it sheds light onto something important, then I can accept that.

Birth of a Nation

This is yet another movie being dragged through the mud by hate groups. Yes, it is a flawed movie, but because of its content about slaves uprising against white masters, it has drawn the ire of various groups who wish to suppress it.

In the end, the movie has a different look at the treatment of slaves and ideology that went hand in hand with that. It is powerful in the subject matter. Both Nate Parker and Armie Hammer work in these roles. It may not be the finest film of this year, but not nearly as terrible as some want you to believe.



31– Rob Zombie has great imagination for horror, but what he lacks is quality character development and plot. It’s all horror, all the time.

Middle School: The Worst Days of My Life–  I think for many people; Middle School is that and so why do we need a movie for that?  Could we at least get a better one?

Keeping up with the Joneses-What a shock, another subpar comedy. Are there any truly good comedies left?  (Yes, but they are mostly small studio/independent films.)

Max Steel-I knew this would come ever since they made Battleship. This movie should not exist. Nothing more than a money grab and that does not make a good movie.

Boo! A Madea Halloween – Like I said at the beginning of this month. People know this is terrible, they will go see it and many will enjoy it. That’s cool. Is it great? Not at all, but if you know you like that style, then enjoy.


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