Two Years of Movie Guy Posts

September 27th marks my 2 year anniversary of this blog.

Blogging consistently is a lot of work especially when you have about four other jobs going on at the same time.   I’ve tried to be relatively professional and entertaining. I love movies and that is why I created this blog.  To review them, to help guide people to better movies, or just to discuss films we all enjoy (or debate those we don’t).

On occasion, I’ve tried to bring support to a good cause from HIV prevention, the American Cancer Association, protecting our environment, and mental illness.

If you have ever needed information or wanted to donate to a charity.  Here are some of those I’ve supported in the past few years.


As for influences for this blog.  Jeremy Jahns was a big one.  He is so passionate about films he loved or hates. I love the way he describes films in an enjoyable manner. Even movies he loathes, he finds a manner to present his frustration in a fashion I can relate to or understand.  Furthermore, he always is open for discussion and debate.


Another guy who has been really cool and allowing me to post his videos on my blog is Aristotle Full Throttle. He is a bit newer to the movie review scene, but he has good presence, thoughtful interpretation of films, he often looks to help out bigger causes especially when they relate to the films he reviews.  Plus the man has great hair, great taste, and a wonderful sense of humor.  I understand the movie review market on Youtube (and on blogging sites) is quite saturated. You can’t watch them all unless you are really have nothing else to do.  However, what I seek are people who have similar taste in films.  Because if they get to watch a film before me, then I know that’s a trustworthy take.  The other thing is both a love of movies and being entertaining.  Aristotle and Jeremy are both of these things and I hope you give them a look.  You may find out that one of them is among your favorite guys to watch from now on. (It’s a win-win.)


Speaking of entertaining Youtube personalities to follow, Andre the Black Nerd. He has such energy and passion for the movies he reviews.  If you like his sense of humor and again his movie taste. Watch this man and enjoy.


Finally, for youtube people to watch, we come to Jack’s Movie Reviews. These days he doesn’t do many movie reviews, but more analysis on a variety of topics.  Jack was one of the first people to follow, support, and converse with me on films.  We disagree especially when it comes to modern cinema, but I always respect his point of view.  Jack is informative and interesting.  Check out his video blog sometime and enjoy what he has to offer.


As for my fellow writers. There are so many people I could list.

Of course, one of my long time allies have been the amazing people at JumpcutUK

Lastly, I’ve gained over 1,000 followers on twitter (that may pale in comparison to others, but it is a lot to me.) I get thousands of views every single year. People come back or people are interested on what I have to say about a film.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your support through these last two years.  I only hope to find new segments, new reviewers to read/watch, and continue growing in popularity.

Also, thank you for three blog nominations




To all of the people who comment, like, and share my work.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Let’s make year three something special.

Best wishes

Andrew Garrison.




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