Movie Review-Storks: A Light and Airy Animated Comedy


Storks (2016)

Genre: Animated, Adventure, Comedy

Starring: Kelsey Grammar, Ty Burrell, Danny Trejo

Watching the Storks trailer, I had many questions about it.  Will it have any emotional value?  Is it all dumb jokes or are there some with layers to it?  Can it be enjoyed by an entire family or just kids under ten?  Thankfully, Storks turned out to be a light and fluffy comedy with a variety of humor that made it work.

Rotten Tomatoes 64%-6.3/10 (Feels a bit low, but in the general ballpark) 73% (Again, feels about right if a bit low.)

IMDB: 7.3 of 1225 (Fair I’d say, but will probably drop.)

What I Didn’t Like

The humor was very hit or miss in this film. I feel like it was trying to make sure anyone that goes to see this movie will find something to laugh at.  The children have that very basic, very simplistic, watered down humor. The slapstick, the scatological jokes.  However, the older audiences will be able to appreciate a lot of the layered jokes, the deeper meanings behind them.  Still, very mixed with humor and certainly not always mainstream.

Some of the characters, in particular Pigeon Toady was very annoying and most of his jokes fell terribly flat.

A couple times the pacing slowed to a crawl. This will happen in transitional scenes from comedy/action to something more heartfelt, but sometimes the film took a bit too long for a gag to work.

Some of the plot was very predictable. Things happened in such a way as you would expect to happen good and bad.  I mean, it is an animated film and if you watch enough movies/ read enough books, you can get a sense for a lot of things and how they may happen.


What I Did Like

This movie was quite funny. Among the funniest animated movies of the year (among the funniest comedies period this year). The humor doesn’t always hit, but when it does, it is glorious.  There is also a lot of strange humor.  The Wolves were a brilliant addition and I expected to loathe them.

This movie doesn’t use the same formulaic villain idea.  They give you a tease of what could be, but then they go in a different direction. It switched gears on what I was expecting (at least partly).

I was surprised with the second half of this movie because it started give you heartwarming scenes with the characters.  A few times I was impressed that this movie pushed a boundary and I respect for that.

The animation is very bright (tons of light colors), but it is beautiful all the same. The movie has a couple of messages worthy of looking into.  I’d actually want to see it again because I feel one of the messages I missed part of.  The Storks motto may have a deeper meaning than you’d initially expect on a metaphysical level.


Storks isn’t the best animated film of the year, it has problems in certain areas with consistency, or tone and humor, and some characters aren’t needed. However, it is very light-hearted, with a positive message for young and old alike.  Where some jokes didn’t land, a lot of others do.  If you are looking for a fun family film this fall, Storks is the answer.

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