Movies That Shaped Me (Part Four)


Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Genre: Science Fiction, Action,

Director: James Cameron

Starring:  Arnold Schwartzenegger Robert Patrick, Linda Hamilton

For more detailed analysis of this movie. Please check out my other posts where it gets discussed.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day was the first action film I ever watched. (Therefore every action movie since gets compared to it).  It is the first R rated film I watched as well. (Age 7, at my friends house.)  T-1000 was the most awesome thing I had ever seen. He was a bit of a hero to me at that young age. He was determined, looked awesome, made of liquid metal. (What else could you ask for in a childhood hero?)

Granted, as I grew up, I would have been among those to side against Skynet and other things (although we are dangerously close to the Skynet scenario now).

This movie made me love action films from an early age, but only high-quality action films. Because if you couldn’t hold yourself to even the shadow of this film, then you aren’t a very good action film and probably not worth my time.

This movie was huge for me and it still is.  You can read more about that in my other blogs discussing this film and where it ranks for all-time greatest in my book.


What was your first action film?

What is your favorite action film?


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