Movies That Shaped Me (Part Two)



Aladdin (1992)

Genre: Animated, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

Starring: Robin Williams

The  story of a teenage orphan (Aladdin) and thief who dreams of a better life and the rebellious Princess Jasmine who goes out in search of adventure and to make her own choices.

Another Disney movie which had a great impact on me at an early age. I remember seeing it with uncle and my cousin in theaters and being impressed with it for many reasons. (I could argue that Beauty and the Beast had impact too when I saw it in theaters. However, while I enjoyed that movie, it never became beloved until later on in life. )

Aladdin was different because I loved it from the first time I saw it.  It was the first time i noticed really good animation in a film. Some of the scenes like the carpet chase through the collapsing treasure tomb were sensational for its time.

Of course, the other thing is that Aladdin was the first Robin Williams film I ever watched.  He made this movie go from good to great.  Williams made me laugh harder than anyone ever has in a movie. Only later did I get to see how brilliant he was in his comedy acts.  Williams was so fluid in his motion and ranting streams of madness. He was infectiously fun.  Like many, I fell in love with the man that was Robin Williams. He made me laugh, he made me cry, and he inspired so many feelings within me in his life.   I can look at Aladdin now and some its shine has worn off, but not Williams.  He is still brilliant and in his finest movies, he will live forever! I am thankful I will forever have those great movie moments with a guy who had such magic within.




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