Movie Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane


10 Cloverfield Lane

Genre: Thriller, Horrory, Mystery, Drama

Starring: John Goodman, Mary  Elizabeth Winstead

I didn’t go see this film in theaters. (I tried, but my company was not into it.) I questioned if I really wanted to see it because Cloverfield wasn’t my thing (shaky cam is not my friend) d The characters in the original were  one dimensional and boring. I didn’t care about whether they lived or died because I didn’t know them at all. I was pleased to see that this movie is incredibly different.  It has a Cloverfield like feel to it at times, but it is a completely different style.

What I didn’t like

There really isn’t anything bad about this film.  The only thing I could really mark off is sometimes it lulls. If you wanted a more generic suspense/horror film, this one isn’t that. Sometimes the pace could be a picked up.  For people looking for something similar to the original Cloverfield, you will always be displeased (maybe).

What I Did Like

What makes me love film is when an actor has his/her A-Game. I’ve not seen too many have it in 2016, but John Goodman certainly did in this movie. He plays Howard, the unstable owner of the shelter the three characters (Howard, Michelle, Emmet) share together.  While all of the acting in this movie is good, John Goodman is truly great. He is unnerving and keeps you guessing from one scene to the next and I love it.

As for the other two, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is quite good in her own right as Michelle. She is a bit fiery, thinks for herself, and not afraid to get dirty to get what she wants.   Meanwhile John Gallagher Jr. plays Emmet and again does a fine job.  John Goodman may be the greatest in this one, but his partners are very steady throughout.

There are so many great lines throughout this movie. I have to give credit to the writers Josh Campbell, Matthew Stuecken, and Damien Chazelle. They created a movie that was filled with tension, intriguing character dynamics and even philosophical aspects.

The setting of the movie is largely underground in a bunker and this movie creates this sense of a compact space very well.  The characters are forced to deal with one another and things get dreadful when there is animosity because there is nowhere to hide.

I love that there is this philosophical side to this movie. What do we do when faced with an actual life changing crisis?  Do we accept things are going to be a certain way and that is it? Or do we fight and challenge ourselves. Do we save ourselves and run the risk of being compromised, or do we leave everything and run?

This movie is among the very best of 2016 (not saying much). It is creepy, unnerving, with good acting all around.  Goodman should get an Oscar nomination for his role in this one.


I can’t believe I waited so long to see this movie.  It is phenomenal, though much more suspense and thriller than horror (though it certainly has horror elements in it). 10 Cloverfield Lane proved to be one of the best movies of this year and you should probably watch it for yourself.


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6 thoughts on “Movie Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

  1. I saw this film a while ago, in cinema, and I like the films as well. Though I had some questions about the ending where the girl finally sees the alien beasts. That was sort of lame.. I also wrote a review which you can find on my blog:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Everyone has asked me that. I actually did. I thought it was clever. That after everything- haha you messed up. Which I found refreshing compared to a Happily Ever After ending. Also, I really like how (spoilers) she doesn’t run from the danger, she heads towards it. Kinda found that cool.


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