Movie Review: Everybody Wants Some (More Ways Than One)


Everybody Wants Some (More Ways Than One)

Genre: Comedy

Director/Writer- Richard Linklater

Rotten Tomatoes: 87% (Way too high) 7.6/10 (Still a bit too high) 72% audiences enjoyed it-(Sounds about right)

IMDb 7.2 of 19,000+  (About right I think)

About a group of collegiate baseball players living together during the 1980’s.


What I Didn’t Like

This film is really meant for an acquired taste.  It focuses on a period of time from America’s past and a small selection of people who live within it.  There are plenty who will not care about this film because of the characters, subject matter, or time period.  I don’t know it is a flaw, but it would explain why this movie seems to drag on to nowhere for large periods of time. It isn’t a traditional movie, but rather a representation of a time period in a very small manner.

I believe the movie thinks it is funnier than it actually is.  Much like Dazed and Confused, but minus the iconic lines of McConaughey. It is a comedy in genre only, but not because it is actually funny.

Again, the movie may be beautifully crafted, but it gets boring quick.  It’s a slow burn throughout.

I want to say some of the characters are stereotypical. I was on a baseball team, but I acted nothing like the people in this film.  Though I knew quite a few others which this really works for. Perhaps I’m the exception.


What I Like

This film is beautifully made and Linklater makes it feel like the 1980’s again. Some of the conversations are quite accurate. Although there does seem to be homosexual undertones throughout the movie. I guess we could consider a nonsexual brotherhood of sorts, but I question that even.  This isn’t a flaw in the movie, in fact I wish it pursued this a bit more with at least one of its characters. Adding depth and conflict amongst teammates, especially for the time period it represents.


Linklater does these period dramas probably better than anyone out there right now. He is detailed and creates excellent sets. The acting is solid through and through.  It is a snapshot of the 1980’s and how young collegiate level baseball players may act in their free time. Including the various dynamics between all the characters.



Richard Linklater has created another beautifully crafted movie which depicts a small picture of life in the 1980’s as a collegiate athlete.   The acting is solid, the set pieces and script are masterful. I only wish it was more interesting.  If you like films that take you back to certain eras, this is certainly that.  If you pine for a little bit more of the 1980’s before the rapid advancement of technology and social mediums. This is your kind of film


Linklater Films Ladder

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Dazed and Confused (1993)

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Everybody Wants Some (2016)

Waking Life (2001)

Bad News Bears (2006)



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