Movie Review: Gods of Egypt



Movie Review Gods of Egypt Anything but Immortal

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Starring: Gerard Butler

A movie which takes place in Ancient Egypt featuring the Egyptian gods. A mortal and the god Horus must team up to defeat the evil Set, the god of Darkness.

What I Don’t Like 

There is a lot to comment about this movie in the negative. The acting is bad, and sometimes terrible. (Just, the worst!)  I hate to go negative, but I found Brenton Thwaites to be dreadful with nearly every line he delivers.  Even many of his movements throughout the movie felt phony. Plus, he is so clean cut that I don’t even think Disney’s Aladdin would believe him an expert thief (which he actually isn’t). He is good at running away and surviving impossible odds, but stealing things, bit of a mixed bag there.

Gerard Butler can be great, but he was not on his A game in this one. It was like he channeled King Leonidas from 300 (2005), but forgot about the intensity.

The other major issue comes from the script.  Not only do they use a narrator for 2/3rd of the movie, the lines are cheese and again poorly delivered.   There is a decent story here, but it gets lost in exposition and the bad acting.  What I like about the Harry Potter world is they add details to explain the universe more (not everything I love, but I respect it). This film does a poor job explaining various aspects. I wound up very confused throughout the first half of this movie. This movie uses the same words far too often. Hey, screenwriters. It is called a thesaurus, use it sometimes.

I’ve studied ancient Egyptian mythology and while not everything is butchered. I don’t expect a fantasy film to stay true completely to lore, but this one really went way too far.  Also, this movie is terribly whitewashed.  We are talking about Ancient Egypt all the main characters are quite white.  I could understand a couple, but all of them?  Really?

Some of the special effects were heavily dated. Where did the massive budget go?  Because 2003 (I’m being nice) special effects in 2016 is not wonderful.

The reasons for the adventure these characters engage in is acceptable, but the character dynamics are unbelievable and lacking of any heart or depth.

Some of the action in this movie is laughably bad.  How to explain it, imagine people having body parts severed, and look like the CGI glitched but they kept it in the final cut anyway kind of bad.  hey.


The ending of this film just adds a layer of garbage. The most fairytale ending you can think of.


What I Do Like

This movie does have some amazing set designs, and some of the CGI is awesome.  If it was more consistent, it would have drastically helped the film.

There is action in this movie and sometimes it really works. It gets you excited and keeps you engaged in the film.  When it works right, it is nice viewing.  The story at its roots may be predictable, but it can be effective.  The reasons people do things in this film can be considered noble. The lessons learned in the end are quite honorable as well.  We see some characters grow from start to finish (though I wished I saw the development of said change throughout the movie).



Gods of Egypt is not a total waste of time. However, the poor writing and worse acting really kills any momentum the movie has going.  However, you can enjoy this film if you need a bad film to watch.  There are far worse movies out there in 2016.


The Ladder

Legend (1985)

Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

Clash of the Titans (1981)

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958)

300 (2006)

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (2010)

Gods of Egypt (2016)

Immortals (2011)

Clash of the Titans (2010)

Wrath of the Titans (2012)


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