Zoolander 2: It’s Bad, But Maybe Not as Bad as You Think.


Zoolander 2 (2016)


Starring: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Penelope Cruz,

Rotten Tomatoes: 23% with 22% audiences liking it. 4.5/10 (This is a bit harsh, but not too far off. Surprised so few liked it. I mean, I didn’t like it, but I didn’t hate it.)

IMDb: 4.8 of 36,000+ (That is almost exactly what I would give this film.)


Derek Zoolander and Hansel are back for another adventure when a mysterious cult is killing high-profile fashion and young pop culture models. Only these two once famed models can find out what is happening and why.


What I Don’t Like

Penelope Cruz is not very good at acting this film. I know she has done several movies and been terrible. However, I’ve seen her be okay and even enjoyable in certain movies. This however was not one of them.

The jokes missed far more often than than they hit. There was far too much time spent time telling us that it is 2016 not 2001. I get it, 15 years has passed. Fashion and everything popular has changed. You can do a few jokes with that, but they went on for far too long.

There are certain things that don’t make sense in the film. I know it is as silly, stupid comedy, but I’m talking continuity issues. Some characters don’t remember one another even though they haven’t been apart that long or look radically different. There are little things that that which annoy me in this film.
I know I said this earlier, but there are jokes that miss by unbelievable standards. They are the Grand Canyon of flat jokes. Someone thought it was going to be funny and it was terrible instead.

They brought back Will Ferrell as Mugatu and I welcome it. However, his plan this time around is incredibly weak and somewhat undefined. You kind of knew what he wanted to do in the first movie from the get go. However, in this one, everything starts to clear up in the last twenty minutes of the movie.

The plot is going one direction, then breaks off into various other points. This movie is suffering from sequelitis which means that it is trying to outdo the original in every way rather than just being a good movie on its own. It is the danger of being part of a franchise. If they followed one plot, or even two, it would be more effective, but having three and then not nearly giving them the time to develop or really even make any jokes, it feels like missed opportunities.

What I Did Like

Again with Penelope Cruz, one thing that I did find funny about her is she embraced what people think of her. A beautiful person who nobody takes seriously. (Little on the nose.) The fact that she could make some jokes about it, I can appreciate that.

When Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are on screen together, it works still. They have great chemistry and I wish I saw more of it.

While most jokes failed, there were several that actually made me laugh. I liked how they mocked the current status of fashion and the hipster culture.

The movie could have delved into deeper waters, but then again it is Zoolander (shallow is safest for him). They talk about accepting people despite their flaws and I can appreciate that. Most of us after all aren’t fitting of models and pop culture icons (although some really think they are).

The last act of this movie was actually fun. It had more laughs than the rest of the movie combined and the story came full circle.

There are several cool cameos which I enjoyed. Almost all of them work


Is Zoolander 2 great? Hardly, but is it the worst comedy of this year? Not at all. I found Zoolander 2 to be a bit boring at times and the script was not nearly as fresh, exciting, or funny in anyway. However, it had such potential, and some of it works. I can’t completely trash this movie. It is watchable, and while it should not get a great rating, maybe not as terrible as others would suggest.


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