Leftovers of July

Leftovers of July

July was another bland month for movies.  However, there were some films worth checking out.  Have a look at the month that was.  Check out some of the awesome reviews listed below thanks to JumpcutUK, Aristotle Full Throttle, and Many More.



Star Trek Beyond

Genre: Science-fiction, Adventure, Action

Director: Justin Lin (Fast and Furious 6)

IMDb: 7.5 of 38,000+

Starring: Zachary Quinto, Anton Yelchin, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Idris Elba, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban and John Cho

This movie actually impressed me. I was going in with limited expectations after Star Trek into Darkness. This movie blew them all away. I respect Star Trek for what it did for science fiction and the values within it.  Though I am a hardcore fan of the original series. Perhaps why I enjoyed this film more than those loyal to the original. Because I wanted a summer action film featuring the Star Trek characters and that is what I got. However, I think others wanted a movie that felt more in tune with the spirit of the original series. While some bits of philosophical ideals were represented, probably not enough for hardcore fans.  Still, this movie certainly pays respect to the old cast, but absolutely has a different tone. If you are on board with that, you are going to love this. To date, this is my second favorite film of this summer. 

Here is my review of Star Trek Beyond


Second opinion-


Aristotle Full Throttle is back at it in another awesome review.


Jason Bourne

Genre:Action, Thriller

Director: PaulGreengrass

Starring: Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander

IMDb: 7.4 of 16,000+

The Bourne trilogy was among the most popular and well respected in history. It is very hard to bring back a loved character in a widely praised franchise and do it justice for a fourth consecutive time. (The 4th Damon as Jason Bourne film that is.) This movie certainly delivers the action, the thrill of the chase. A lot of what you love about the original trilogy. However, it may lack some of the finer details that made the other films great. This is by no means a failure and will wind up one of the better of this season. 


The Infiltrator

Genre: Drama, Crime

Starring: Bryan Cranston

IMDb: 7.3 of 2,000+ ratings

Bryan Cranston is awesome in almost everything he does.  He is the reason you can go watch this film about a guy infiltrating the infamous drug cartel of Pablo Escobar in an attempt to bring it down.  If you love a good biopic crime movie with a talented lead actor at the helm. This is your movie

Movie Hot Take was kind enough to lend their review to me. Thank you!


Matter of Taste



Genre: Drama, Family

IMDb: 6.8 of 10,000 ratings

Maybe not Spielberg’s finest film, but it has beautiful visuals, a lovely musical score. There is also a heartfelt friendship worthy of being shared with others.This movie is very pleasing despite some of its flaws. Spielberg is still the master.

Here is my review


Aristotle Full Throttle provides his thoughts on this film as well.




Director: Paul Feig

IMDb: It was tainted by the people who wanted to hate on this movie before ever giving a chance. I’d give it a 6.7/10.

This movie received so much hate and I wanted to be awesome. Sadly, it wound up in the middle. It was funny, had some cool action moments, and some of the cast (Leslie Jones in particular) were truly awesome in the film. It may not break new ground, maybe not even revitalize the franchise, but it certainly didn’t destroy anything either.

First, have a look at what the people of JumpcutUK thought of this film.


Here is my review for a second opinion.


Since this film got so much hate. Here is a third opinion about it.

The Legend of Tarzan

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

IMDb: 6.7 of 31,000+

A rather average Tarzan tale. You can find enjoyment in this because it has a talented cast and some moments of action, but you may be better off watching the Disney Animated film from 1999 instead.

Have a look what JumpcutUK thought about this one.


Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Genre: Comedy

IMDB: 6.5 of 6,275+

I often enjoy Zac Efron comedies, but this may be the rare exception. It has its funny moments, but the raunchy nature often goes too far for its own good.

The Secret Life of Pets


IMDb: 6.8 of 17,000+

This animated film is cute and fluffy. It is not not without laughs, but it could have used some more heart. Also wish it borrowed a bit less from Toy Story and Brave Little Toaster.

Here is my full review.


Gotta go to Aristotle for a second opinion on this one.

Lights Out

Genre: Horror

IMDb- 7.0 of 8,000+

An above average horror film which uses one scare technique in a masterful kind of way.  The acting in the film was above average. Usually horror films are not big on talent.Based on a creepy short film.

Want to know more about it it?  Check out Go Movie Reviews and the link below for more information.



Batman: The Killing Joke

Genre: Animated, Crime, Action

IMDb: 6.9 of 11,900+

This is an animated DC universe movie. Most times they are above average and this one is no exception. It has it’s flaws, especially in the first act. However, bringing back Hamill and Conroy was a good idea and I loved the voices in this one.

My review below.



Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery

IMDb: 7.2 of 1,600+.

I’m quite surprised this movie is as good as it has been so far. The trailers did not inspire anything but eyerolls for me. Sometimes I can’t suspend my disbelief. This movie being one of those times. Still, if you can enjoy a real life video game type scenario. By all means go to this one and enjoy.

Another solid review by Movie Hot Take


Bad Moms

Genre: Comedy

IMDb: 6.6 of 1,000 ratings

I was hopeful for this movie to be the big comedy of the year, but it is feeling like another average at best film. It may have a great cast featuring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Jada Pinkett Smith, Christina Applegate, and the young Emjay Anthony. They feel often wasted by the script material. Everyone is looking to replace The Hangover, some movies just can’t be duplicated. (Or shouldn’t be.) The key to good comedy isn’t just being raunchy, but good writing.

Movie Hot Take wrote a review about this one.


Just Making It

The Purge: Election Year– You know exactly what you are getting with this film. It’s not character development or a good story. It’s The Purge, if you liked the first two, then you may enjoy this. If you didn’t think was that good. Avoid this movie.

Have a look at what JumpcutUK thinks of this one.



Ice Age: Collision Course – This franchise has long been dead. I loved the first one (BACK IN 2002). I enjoyed the second one (Ice Age: The Meltdown), but after that. I was pretty much done. This is needless. A shameless cash grab that didn’t even work.


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