Movie Review-Batman: The Killing Joke



Batman: The Killing Joke (2016)

Genre: Animated, Action, Crime

Starring:  Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, John DiMaggio

Plot-  The Joker has a point to prove. The only person who can track him down and stop it happens to be Batman.

This animated film is based on the famed comic book issue of the same name, written by Alan Moore.

What I Didn’t Like

This wasn’t the finest animated Batman film I’ve seen, but it also was far from terrible.  There was this awkward pacing throughout the film. I had a hard time fully understanding the first act and why it was in the film.  Perhaps it was to add length or doing justice to the comic, but I felt that could have been done better.

There was this musical number and I found it quite out of place. I don’t feel it was nearly as effective as it could have been.  It felt awkward.

If the film is rated R, it could of used some more language instead of cheap substitutes which removed some of the gritty nature which it is supposed to have.

This one details the history of the Joker.. I thought could have been done more effectively than it was.  I didn’t care about his back story enough. It didn’t evoke the emotion.

What I Did Like

Bringing back Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker was a brilliant move. The two of them just make this movie work much better.

Some of the scenes in this movie were pieces of artwork.  The way they were animated, the style of the animation itself which felt perfect for the tone of the film.

The Joker and Batman still have this fascinating exchange of philosophies. They are the opposites on two extremes and it was beautiful to see that play out.

Mark Hamill’s version of the Joker has this speech and if you read the comic then you know exactly what it is.  This speech is powerful, deep, and yet also a bit insane. I loved it!


I enjoyed the film.  It may not be the best animated Batman film from DC, but it is far from the worst.  The voices were brilliant once again.  I can appreciate other people voicing these iconic figures, but Hamill and Conroy are still the gold standard to me.  It is beautiful, dark, and has layers to it. Open to interpretation and I love that.



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