Movie Review- Central Intelligence-A Comedy Worth Watching- Eventually



Central Intelligence (2016)

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Action

Starring: Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson

Kevin Hart, one of the hardest working men in Hollywood teams up with the beloved Dwayne Johnson in this comedy.

After reconnecting with an old friend from high school through Facebook. An accountant (Hart) teams up (in a manner of speaking) with a CIA agent and becomes involved in a international espionage scheme.

What I Didn’t Like-

This movie isn’t breaking any new ground. It is a buddy comedy with two very different personalities.  (Basically Ride Along movies except the Rock and Kevin Hart work better together). Therefore some of the jokes didn’t hit.

Also, fake or not I have no need to see anyone’s posterior and we see more than enough in the opening of this movie.

I love a good laugh, this movie wins you over with a series of chuckles. It’s funny, but there was always this potential around it to be funnier. I suppose I could say this of every comedy, but there were a few gaps where very little humor was. They could have altered that.

Finally, the pacing drags a couple times. especially in a buddy comedy, I like to see things move swiftly.

What I Liked

This movie is pretty funny. Funnier than I expected.  Sure, it was short a couple laughs I wanted, but it certainly was enjoyable.

I liked the story arc of Robbie (Johnson) who was bullied horrendously. To see someone who got bullied rise above it in many ways. That is awesome to see even if it was fictional.

There is couple of touching moments where you see the impact of bullying in a long term setting.  That was to me the most heartfelt part of this movie.

If you like Kevin Hart’s emotional style, then you too will likely enjoy this film.

It has some heart in a couple of places. Reached for some next level stuff and I respect that.

ConclusionCentral Intelligence isn’t the best comedy of 2016, but it certainly is entertaining.  Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson work well together, I wouldn’t mind seeing more from this duo (betting on Central Intelligence 2 being a thing).

If you want a comedy that will make you chuckle, a decent way to use two hours (there are better, but also there are much much worse).


The Ladder- For Kevin Hart and or Dwayne Johnson Movies

Furious 6 (2013)

The Rundown (2003)

Central Intelligence (2016)

Secret Life of Pets (2016)

Hercules (2014)

Grudge Match (2013)

San Andreas (2015)

Fast Five (2011)

The Wedding Ringer (2015)

Top Five (2014)

Get Hard (2015)

Ride Along (2014)

About Last Night (2014)

Ride Along 2 (2016)

Walking Tall (2004)

Be Cool (2005)

Doom (2005)






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