The Rewind- Tarzan (1999)




Tarzan (1999)

Genre: Animation, Family, Adventure

Starring: Glen Close, Minnie Driver, Wayne Knight, Rosie O’Donnell

The Disney version of the Tarzan story.  For many, this closes the door on the Disney Renaissance (or as I call it Disney’s Real Golden Age 1989-1999.)  Tarzan doesn’t quite cut with the gold standard of the 1990’s, but it is far from a bad film.

The animation quality is still excellent, the musical score by Phil Collins hits all the emotional marks. They had to cover some incredibly dark things in this movie. The way they created these scenes was masterful.  You get a sense of tragedy and violence without having to witness it.  I wish more animated film would do this.  We don’t need to see everything to understand something.  Let people come to their own conclusions with a series of linked clues (The magic of imaginative thinking).

I love the fresh take on Tarzan, they gave him this more modern look and feel. Little bit of an x-gamer in how he swings and slides on those vines and moss.  Jane is still a little dated for my taste, but she is compassionate, intelligent, and positive. I don’t there is anything wrong with young woman trying to grow up to be a scientist or an adventurer who seeks to make positive change.

The action and comedy mixes extremely well throughout the film. Sometimes it wanders off course, but not for long. As for the villain, Clayton may have not been the most iconic of the Disneyverse, but he certainly worked for this role.

Tarzan may not be the cream of the crop, but it certainly is entertaining. It adds yet another magical character into the Disney archive.







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