Rewind- Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Alice in Wonderland (1951)


Genre: Animation, Adventure, Fantasy, Family

What can I say about this one?  I mean, I thought I already talked about this film in detail.  It is a drug induced fever dream. I’m kidding (at least I think I am).

The film is basically soaked in madness, but also stunning animated detail.  Wonderland is a magical and imaginative. Some may not like it compared to Lewis Carroll’s stories and that is well and good.  However, I think the stunning array of interesting characters alone makes this worth a viewing or two in your adult life.

The story is a mess in this one. However, you get a fresh look at the Chesire Cat, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and Mad Hare, the hookah smoking Caterpillar, and of course the Queen of Hearts.  It’s one crazy animated scene after another with these fascinating creatures.

The ending I feel it a bit more succinct, but also a bit rushed.  This animated movie may not be the finest in many ways. However, give credit to the animators for taking big risks and being very colorful and ambitious with their designs.









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