Movie Review- The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2

Genre: Horror

Director: James Wan

Starring: Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga


Let me count the ways I’ve recently described the current horror genre.

1- Underdeveloped

2- Gory


4- Uninspired

5- Boring

Not a single word listed above can be used to discuss The Conjuring 2

James Wan has become the master of horror over the last decade plus.  Check out my Director Who about him here.

As for the movie itself, did not disappoint.

What I Didn’t Like

There is next to nothing about this film I didn’t like.  I guess we can take some points off because at the end it copies a couple of things from The Conjuring (2013). They borrowed things and it was effective again. Still, if I had to find any flaw. That would be it.

What I Did Like

Can I just leave it at everything?   Let’s break it down. First off, Wan’s use of lighting, music, and shadows is perfection.  He provides plenty of creeps without being excessively violent.  This film sets the mood early, but is not afraid to have some situational humor wrapped within a horror film.  It wraps up with an intense ending much like the last one. (The audience went wild!)

Wan’s casting director needs some credit here because the children in this movie were all above average. Especially Madison Wolfe who played Janet Hodgson. If she sucked, this movie would have failed, but she was impressive at that age. The whole cast did a fine job.

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga worked well together again as Ed and Lorraine Warren.  I love that dynamic and it brings up another powerful thought process to use effectively in this film.  It was present in the first film, but came out much stronger in this one.

The special effects in this movie are used very effectively. Nothing is overused. Best of all is that you actually care about the family and the other characters in this film.  It is so rare to have a horror film where the characters are the focus. Not the violence or the psychopath in the room. That is what makes a good movie. Make me care for the characters and you have me ensnared.

The scares are effective, some can be humorous when you think about them, however there are some legitimate scares throughout, too.  Also, this film reminded me of Halloween (1978) a bit. That things in the distance are a bit fuzzy, unclear, but slowly it comes into focus. You realize what the danger is and it freaks you out a bit.  (Bravo!)

My Rating: 

If you are a fan of torture porn horror. This is not a horror film for you.  It is more Halloween than Hostel.

However, if you like a well developed, beautiful crafted, and soundly acted film based on true events. This is definitely a film for you.    I strongly recommend you watch this film if you have a finer appreciation for horror.

The Conjuring———The Conjuring 2  


Insidious 2 







9 thoughts on “Movie Review- The Conjuring 2

  1. I’m glad to hear this movie works because of old-fashioned filmmaking and storytelling instead of trying to outgore the next horror film. It sounds too scary for me though. I would lose too much sleep.

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