Flash Movie Review- The Nice Guys


The Nice Guys

Genre: Crime, Comedy, Action

Director-Shane Black (Iron Man 3)

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe

Saw The Nice Guys tonight. I promised my detailed review to JumpcutUK because they are awesome.  

Check out their other reviews here.


They even have some choice short films too and are working on more.


What I didn’t like

The young girl Holly (Angourie Rice) was times very awkward (as most child actors are). She wasn’t bad, but she didn’t enhance the movie either.

The movie was quite funny and it didn’t take the now tired raunchy style that most films go for today.  However, I wanted to come out of this movie saying it was hilarious.  Was it funny? Absolutely, but hilarious? No.

What I did like.

This film was quite funny. I think Ryan Gosling was brilliant in this role. He has some of the best one-liners in a crime-comedy film.  I’m talking all-time great one liners.  Gosling can master a serious role, but turns out he does a fine job in comedy as well.

Russell Crowe works out really well. You see that he is a complicated guy and there is room for growth.

I like how Gosling-Crowe worked together. There was this really fluid motion throughout. Sometimes two talented actors just feel right and this was certainly one of those cases.

In the end, The Nice Guys gave me what I wanted. A unique film that feels very fitting of the late 1970’s. The style of filming, the gritty violence, sometimes cynical humor. There is a lot of depressing things going on. Thankfully, this film has a good amount of humor to get you passed these things. It is violent and crude at times (bold in today’s sensitive landscape), but certainly humorous.

If you like a gritty old-school crime comedy. Movies like Midnight Run (1988) (I guess Lethal Weapon, too. ) If you enjoy all of that, this is a must watch. A great cast with good comedic timing, plenty of action to go around, and a very unique feel compared to most films of this era.



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