The Invisible Man (1933)


The Invisible Man (1933)

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

Director: James Whale

Writer: H.G. Wells (Original story)

Starring: Claude Rains

 The Invisible Man is about a scientist finds a way of becoming invisible. However this event causes him to become murderously insane.
This is likely my favorite Claude Rains lead role films (though far from his best and I don’t mean it is bad).  My favorite part about this film are the moments where he is invisible and freaks out people.  I think that James Whale did a wonderful job presenting the Invisible Man using limited resources of his time (no CGI for him).
At the heart of this movie is the classic idea that morality is based on the principle of us having to look at ourselves in the mirror.  That when we no longer have this issue, our morality erodes.   It is classic concept discussed by Plato and of course Lord of the Rings among others. (I believe morality is more sound than this. Morality is dependent on the person, not by visibility of ones actions. Still, a concept worth pondering sometime.)



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