Creature of the Black Lagoon


Creature of the Black Lagoon (1954)

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Horror

This happens to be one of my favorite older horror movies ever made.

About an expedition deep into the Amazon where the crew stumbles upon a strange aquatic beast. The beast isn’t exactly okay with this idea. (I love when a good movie has a basic plot.)

Sometimes the movie is a bit slow and the 1950’s sexism and bravado can get irksome at times (I get it, twas the times, but doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it).  The film has some obvious flaws as special effects/suits from the 50’s often do, but I can’t hold that against the film. Really, there is plenty to like about this movie.

I think this film discusses the positive aspects of scientific discovery, the possibilities of seeing new elusive creatures, and even one day reaching the stars. I feel it has a promising message for science for the mid 1950’s. Though it also shows the dangers of exploration.  We don’t know what is out there, we may lose people in the process.  Taking precautions is always a fine idea.

While many of the actors in the film aren’t household names, they are above average compared to some horror films (especially present day).

The underwater cinematography in this movie is stunning at times

I actually get annoyed with some people calling this film a kids movie. Something about a humanoid sea creature coming out of the water to murder people doesn’t strike me as something I’d show my kids (not until they were older).

This film does what horror movies should often do. They tease us with bits and pieces of the creature. Slowly, but surely we come to see the entire body in a climatic reveal. (I love it in Alien (1979), but I love it in this film first.)

There is also some drama between the humans in this film.  Believe it or not, the characters are in some cases more interesting in the gill monster. That is what allows this to transcends many monster films.

Some of the action scenes are pretty cool for a film like this.

Again, my favorite discussions are those about scientific discovery.



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