Leftovers of April

Sorry about the delay. (It was on accountant of injury.)

April Leftovers

April 2016 wasn’t as special as March, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some awesome films released. Just in case you missed some, here are the Leftovers of April 2016.


Midnight Special– With a wide release in April. Midnight Special proved to be an interesting film. A truly unique sci-fi thriller unlike much I have seen before or since.

IMDb: 7.1 of 10,000.

Here is my review with JumpcutUk


And here is an entertaining youtube review by Gotta Love Them Movies


The Jungle Book- This is the latest live-action gem from Disney. It was a visually stunning film and easily the movie of the month.

IMDb: 7.9 of 59,000+

Here is my review of The Jungle Book


Here we have JumpcutUK’s discussion of the film.


Gotta Love Them Movies checked out this title for the first time ever.


Finally, another awesome review from Reel Red Reviews


Sing Street– It got minimal play in the United States, but I thought it looked interesting and fun. I unfortunately did not get a chance to see it, but Reel Dude did and he wrote a fantastic review about it.


Elvis and Nixon-  I enjoyed this historical comedy about the moment when Elvis and Nixon met.  It was a delightful film and I’ll be sure to watch it again.


Matter of Taste

Green Room- An indie horror movie about a band fighting back against ruthless murderers. (Kinda feels like yet another Purge movie.) The movie has actually gotten some solid reviews and scoring well with most audiences. Still, given that it is indie-horror for many, it may never reach the mainstream audience (and that is totally fine)

Keanu-  A decent comedy movie from the minds of Key and Peele. About a cute cat which everyone seems to want.  See my review for the details.


Hardcore Henry– If you have seen the trailers, then you know this film is not for those with a weak stomach. I had no interest in this film and saw very limited possibilities with it.  The movie doesn’t suck, but it is very aware of its range (action rampage). The movie does action well, but never goes much beyond that.

Demolition (2015)- Jake Gyllenhaal gives yet another great performance as a socially/emotionally awkward individual who is attempting to mourn his wife’s death.  I think it is a movie you can enjoy if you love Gyllenhaal, but it may be too out there of a concept for many.

Criminal– Think Face/Off (except Face/Off was kind of good). This film isn’t necessarily bad, but it also isn’t really needed.  Again, better off watching the 1997 classic that is Face/Off.

On the Fence

The Huntsman: Winter’s War- The sequel nobody asked for. When seeing trailers for this film, I said it looked fun. (Turns out that was even a stretch)

Barbershop: The Next Cut- While there is an important and powerful message behind the film that should be recognized. In the end it is a sequel and falls prey to the same sequel problems.


The Boss– I’ve heard very mixed things about this film. Though it is unanimous that it is a better McCarthy comedy than Tammy (2014). Pretty much, the word is if you love Melissa McCarthy, you won’t hate this movie, but you also should avoid spending money to see it.

Mother’s Day– It is no shock that another holiday themed movie turns out to suck. Most of them seem to. A shame given the talented cast, but I called it about a month ago.

God’s Not Dead– Did you think the first one kind of sucked? Well, this one finds a way to be much worse. It is a propaganda film (and a lousy one at that.)

Meet the Blacks– Here I thought Norm of the North was a shoe in for worst film of the year. There is a chance that this here is the worst film of 2016 and there are some truly atrocious films this year. (A higher number or awful.)


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