Movie Review: Keanu



Keanu (2015)

Genre:Comedy, Crime

Starring: Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Method Man, Will Forte, Luis Guzman, Jason Mitchell

Keanu is about a cute little cat (with several names) which happens to belong to some of the most cold-hearted assassins and drug dealers in the area. He winds up on the doorstep of Rell Williams, a layabout who just lost the best thing in his life (his girlfriend). This cat (now named Keanu) and Rell form a unique and touching bond. Then one evening, this precious cat was stolen in a break in.  Now Rell and his cousin and best friend Clarence must infiltrate a dangerous gang of drug dealers in order to rescue his beloved kitty. What ensues is a wild escalation of events.

What I Didn’t Like

This movie certainly has its funny parts, but there were quite a few times where things just didn’t hit. (It was humorous, but not laugh out loud funny). The film definitely felt less comedy and more crime based at times. (I was hoping for the other way around.) The other thing was there was a lot of drug humor which I expected going in. It just didn’t hit with me.  If you partake in certain things (no judgment), you make find it funnier than I did.

What I Did Like.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have great chemistry and some of the strongest aspects of this film revolve around this.  I love the humor between the two of them and wish I had even more of it.   The rest of the cast was pretty darn solid as well. The overall production value was good. The film was funny, sometimes it had great pop culture references. There was a considerable amount of gang and drug related humor and it worked often (less on me, but still funny). The film has a solid third act (which is semi realistic….to some point).  Finally, Keanu is an adorable kitten.

My Rating

Wait for streaming.  This is a funny film and I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t go back and see it again. I don’t think it is funny enough to be worth full ticket price.  However, when it is released on streaming services (take your pick). I think it is definitely worth watching. I will note that if you like drug humor and think Key and Peele’s brand of humor is synced with your own. Then perhaps this movie is worth seeing in theaters.




3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Keanu

  1. Can’t argue with you. I liked it and am glad I saw it in the theatre but it was less laugh-out-loud funny than I expected from the trailers, and if drug humour’s not your thing then that cuts out quite a few laughs. Good review!

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