Andrew’s Favorite Action Films All-Time 20-11

Here is my favorite action films ranked 20-11. I hope you enjoy them.

Things I look for in action films.

1-Some high quality action.

2-A memorable hero and villain.

3-Solid Writing (for an Action film)

4-A touch of humor/great one-liners.

20-300-(2007) The writing in this one is pretty weak, but the cinematography is stunning. The action sequences breathtaking. Who doesn’t want to be King Leonidas at some point in their life?

19-Legend of Drunken Master (1994) One of my favorite Jackie Chan movies. The final third of it is beautifully executed. A fine action film indeed.


18-Troy- (2004) Brad Pitt plays Achilles in this epic action film. It isn’t perfect spoiler warning(the coolest character in the film dies), but the action is entertaining. Brad Pitt works as pretty boy Achilles.


17-Dog Soldiers (2002) One of those rare horror movies with lots of action. To me, this is among the finest werewolf movies ever made (Top 5 easy)  This film has some humor, great action considering the budget, and some truly twisted designs. (Foul language and violence in this trailer. So, you’ve been warned.)


16-Taken (2008) Liam Neeson has been awesome for some time before this, but here he shines like never before. A badass dad with a special set of skills. The first is by far the best

15- Watchmen-(2009) Much more cerebral than most would like to see. This hard R film has some great action sequences. It is a dark and brooding comic book film that I own. Some do not like it because it differs from the source material (I respect their reservations about it.) Turns out, I relate to many of the characters in the film which is why it is close to my heart (Mainly Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, and Ozymandius. That’s normal, right?)

14- John Wick-(2014) At first I refused to watch this film because Spoiler warning (a dog dies) and I hate that more than almost anything else in film. However, when I got over that fact. This movie is awesome. It has this wonderful musical score (channeling some of that late 1990’s numetal/hard rock feeling and rage in 2014). It also brings back Keanu Reeves into a great action movie (about damn time).  


13- The Bourne Ultimatum-(2007) The conclusion (or so we thought) of the Jason Bourne story. A well crafted, high-intensity movie fitting of the first two. I think all of the movies in this franchise (Ultimatum,Supremacy, Identity) are all good.  They complement one another greatly. (I can only hope this newest one will do the same)

12-The Terminator(1984)- James Cameron may have borrowed bits and pieces from Westworld (1973) here, but the results are impressive. Cameron really knew how to make a great film (Here’s hoping he relearns this.)


11- The Bourne Supremacy (2004)- The second of a trilogy (now a series). This film uses the elements of the first one and springboards ahead. Lots of action, a good plot, and some interesting concepts scattered about. Matt Damon does a fine job as an action star.



One thought on “Andrew’s Favorite Action Films All-Time 20-11

  1. I’ve missed a couple of these: Dog Soldiers and Legend of the Drunken Master. I need to get on those, especially the latter since I love me some Jackie Chan. Some good picks among the rest. 300 is just pure action and you’re right about those sequences being breathtaking. John Wick is tons of fun. Glad to see it make the cut. Not a huge fan of Watchmen. Way too many stretches of brooding for me to really consider it an action film, imdb be damned.

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