Andrew’s Favorite Action Films (30-21)

Andrew’s Favorite Action Movies 30-21

Action movies only in this list. Action/adventure will get another list.

This is my list, not yours. If you disagree. Tell me where and why. If you want to make your own list. I’d be happy to check it out.  I hope you enjoy.

30- Fast and Furious 6-(2013) This franchise has come so far from where it started. Once about street racing, now about insane over-the-top stunts (and family). Every movie pushes the boundaries of what is “possible” a bit further. These movies are fun, but also stupid.Also, the Rock makes everything better (well, most times).  Sometimes that is alright (especially in an action film).

29-True Lies-(1994) Arnold has been in some great action films and this one is another added to that list. It has so many awesome scenes, can’t pick just one. Plenty of tongue in cheek humor.

28-Escape From New York-(1981) Kurt Russell is incredible as Snake Pliskin, this is arguably John Carpenter’s best film. (He has a handful of masterpiece). Because this is what I think of New York City in general (I kid of course).

27-Furious Seven(2015)- These films are seemingly getting better and better. Yet, more ridiculous. Paul Walker’s final film a beautiful action-packed thrill ride.

26- Batman Returns (1992)-Batman now faces off against corrupt businessmen, Catwoman, and The Penguin. Tim Burton’s final Batman film. While not nearly as beloved as the original. This film has plenty of action to go around. A comic book movie that knows how to do dark and campy at the same time is special. 

25-The Boondock Saints (1999) A poignant action film with a deeper message which today’s society should invest in. I mean the philosophical discussion, not at all the actions.


24-Tropic Thunder-(2008) Sure, it is a comedy, but a comedy about a fake war story. A fake war story that turns into a real action film.   (even if some of it is totally fake) Any trailer with some Buffalo Springfield is one I want to watch.

23-Hot Fuzz (2007) The action may be hit and miss in the first two-thirds of film, but the nonstop action loaded ending makes it all worth it. This film makes fun of famous action films and cop movies. I love it!


22 RED- (2010) Bruce Willis and John Malkovich lead a star-studded cast in this action comedy. The film is kind of silly, but entertaining all the same. The entire cast is great (Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman included).

21-Kung Fu Hustle (2004)- This movie is a gem because good kung fu films are hard to come by. This film is part humor, part action and pays respect to how old school kung fu movies were.  Some of the action scenes in this film are incredible.  Even the trailer is amazing!


3 thoughts on “Andrew’s Favorite Action Films (30-21)

  1. Very pleasantly surprised to see Kung Fu Hustle make the list. Fantastic and hilarious film! Also glad to see some love for RED, Hot Fuzz, True Lies, and the Fast and Furious franchise. I’m not as big on Boondock Saints and Tropic Thunder as everyone else seems to be, but I do enjoy them.

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