Andrew’s Favorite Action Films All Time

My favorite Action films of all-time.


Again, this is my list. You may find movies missing or lower than you’d want, but this is my list.  If you want to make a list. Please do, share with me your top 10, top 25 or even your top 50.  I welcome other viewpoints.

Again- all movies considered Action/Adventure are not listed on this.  They will get their own list at a later date.

40-The Warriors (1979) This film has so many great fight scenes. There are iconic moments thrown around throughout this film. Chances are if you haven’t seen this film, then you’ve seen someone be it American Dad, Regular Show, The Simpsons, or Family Guy reference this multiple times.  (Look at this trailer- How could you not watch? Though I’ll say this- fight scenes have evolved a great deal from this point. Still, for 1979- this is amazing.)


39-Evil Dead 2 (1987)- Evil Dead series is something truly special. Sam Raimi pretty much throws everything he possibly can at you.  Brutal, insane, and even more entertaining than the first.  It’s definitely horror based, but plenty of cool action as well. 

38-F/X (1986)- An FX specialist for movies winds up involved in a cover up after agreeing to help fake a mob killing.  The special effects in this film are dated, but the premise is both entertaining and filled with action. Underappreciated 1980’s film.

37-Hancock (2008)- I am aware that a lot of people hate the twist in this movie, but I enjoy it. The film has some really awesome action scenes mixed in with humor. Spoiler alert- The love story may throw some off, but admit that the action in this film is quite fun. Especially at the end. It is a different kind of “superhero”: film.

36-Face/Off-(1997) Nicolas Cage and John Travolta work well. About an FBI Agent who gets a face transplant to stop a terrorist mastermind. Things go awry when that same criminal undergoes his own surgery to look like the agent.

35-Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three (1974)- This movie isn’t flawless, but it is still quite excellent. Walter Matthau, Martin Balsam, Robert Shaw, and Jerry Stiller are all great.  Don’t bother with the mediocre at best remake, go with the original. This movie feels authentic, it has enough action to keep you engaged. Also, it portrays a snapshot of what New York City was like at this time better than most films. 

34-V For Vendetta (2005)- A bit meandering, but V For Vendetta has some iconic moments in film. V is a great character and he faces a great villain. This movie has depth other comic book related films can only dream of. The ending is also marvelous and the messages throughout profound. 

33-The Crow-(1994) This is an iconic action film with a tragic ending (in real life). The artistic and Gothic style of this movie is awe inspiring even today. The character, the action, are still remembered fondly. They can add sequels, do remakes/reboots, and remaster, but this movie will remain special to me.

32-Enemy of the State (1998) Starring Gene Hackman, some could say this is a sequel to 1974’s The Conversation. This is about an innocent man who winds up caught up in a huge government coverup operation. This movie is somewhat creepier now that the NSA has done all of this to everyone. We are constantly being watched. Still, a good film with two great leads.

31-Con Air (1997)- Another solid Nicolas Cage movie from the late 1990s. This one is a great action movie on the a plane. (Snakes on a Plane has nothing on this film.) It’s fun, it’s loaded with action, with some really awesome effects. Ahead of its time in areas. Love it still today.



5 thoughts on “Andrew’s Favorite Action Films All Time

  1. I’ve seen all 10 of these. LOVING that you have The Warriors on here. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched that movie. Some really good picks overall, though I’m shocked that Evil Dead 2 qualifies as “action.”

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