Box Office Smash: February 2016

February 2016

Deadpool (Fox)

Genre: Action, Comedy

Starring: Ryan Reynolds

Budget: 58 million

Box-Office- Domestic- 358.7 million

Worldwide- 757.8 million+

Deadpool sent shockwaves around the world as a rated R blockbuster. The budget was fairly average, the expectations from the studio average at best as well. This film was awesome. It had the action, violence, and crude humor I expected from Deadpool. It was uninhibited by a PG13 rating or the need to shove an entire setup of a new universe or franchise into one film. It was able to be itself and that made it tremendously effective and beautiful. Ryan Reynolds killed it as Deadpool too. (So he can be awesome in a comic book film!)

Sequel, sequel, I smell a sequel. Yes, the details are still being hammered out, but Deadpool’s prediction of a sequel seem to be right on. The current release date is unknown but stands that it will be in 2017 (because I don’t want to wait too long for more Deadpool goodness).

Here is my Deadpool movie review.

How to Be Single (Warner Brothers)

Genre” Comedy

Starring: Rebel Wilson, Allison Brie

Budget: 38 Million

Box-Office-Domestic- 46.8 million 98.2 million

I was surprised to see how good this film was. I find it awesome that a mostly female led cast could really bring in money. The film is somewhat like a Judd Apatow or The Hangover type film for female audiences. (Though I’m sure some men enjoyed it as well.) Rebel Wilson seems to be funny in anything she does and she will draw a crowd. Releasing a (mediocre budget 38 million) non franchise comedy in the dead of winter and winding up with nearly 100 million in box-office returns. That’s success no matter how you slice it.


For February, these two movies ruled the movie screens worldwide.  Though, of course it was Deadpool that ruled over all.

Ruler of February 2016



January- 2016




2 thoughts on “Box Office Smash: February 2016

    • My sister enjoyed How to be Single a fair amount. I didn’t have much interest in seeing it. Thank you for the comment though. Glad you enjoyed Deadpool, it was truly awesome and I’m excited (though cautious) for a sequel.

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