Movie Review- My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2



My amazing friend from Australia was kind enough to write a review of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.  Here are his thoughts.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Review by PJ Steen

Director:Kirk Jones

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Starring: Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, Michael Constantine, Lainie Kazan

It’s been fourteen years, but it feels like no time has really passed at all for audiences familiar with the very loud and loveable Portokalos family, and everyone is back!

Everyone from Toula, John, Gus, Maria, Athena, Aunt Voula, Nico, Nikki and even the infamous bundt cakes make an welcome blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo!

This time, the story revolves around the whole family!

Toula is now a mother of seventeen-year-old Paris, (played by Elena Kampouris), and once again finds herself depressed and miserable with her life.

She has now found herself succumbed to the grand old Greek tradition of becoming an over protective mother, and is upset to find that her daughter favours her husband John, and due to the smothering force of her family is determined to apply for college far away.

Toula and Ian (Corbett), still live beside her humorous family, all who have grown relatively older, and yet still are able to drive one another just as insane as ever.

Her father Gus (Constantine) is still carrying his trusty bottle of Windex, and has shifted his old world beliefs on to his grandchildren, most importantly imprinting his husband finding guilt on to poor Paris.

Gus soon discovers that due to a fifty year old oversight, he and his long suffering wife Maria (Kazan), have never legally been married, and thus, it’s all full steam ahead planning the large, fun, and over the top wedding they have never had.

There are plenty of laughs in this film, from the insanely tacky Groomsmen suits, the embarrassing no filter attitude of Aunt Voula (reprised by the amazingly funny Andrea Martin), to the scene stealing and loveable Mana-Yiayia.

There are also beautiful sentimental moments, and the supporting cast serve the story well, Joey Fatone once again does a brilliant job playing Cousin Angelo, whilst getting more of an opportunity for the audience to see his loving side.

The film is fast paced, and jam packed with lots of laughs, and also features an appearance from John Stamos and Rita Wilson as husband and wife duo George and Anna.

Fans of the original will certainly not be disappointed with this sequel, and may even prefer it to it’s predecessor.

My one and only complaint would be that the character of Nikki (played by Australian actor Gia Carides, of Strictly Ballroom fame), had very little screen time.

If you’re after a movie filled with laughs, love, confetti and big hair, you better RSVP, and prepare yourself to attend the wedding of the year.

I give this film; four out of five stars!



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