Director Who- Zack Snyder

Director Who

Zack Snyder has been making feature length films for little over a decade now. For me, he has been known for amazing visuals, spectacular battles, lovely, but not iconic scores,but also average at best writing.  Let’s have a quick look at the directing career of Mr. Snyder.



2004- Dawn of the Dead

Genre- Horror

Starring: Ving Rhames

Needless remake of the classic George A. Romero zombie film. As far as horror remakes go, this is among the better ever crafted. It’s bloodier, more disturbing, but effective and pleased it’s general audience.

IMDb: 7.4 of 189,000+ ratings

Win for Snyder 1-0

2006- 300

Genre: Action, Fantasy, War

Starring: Gerard Butler

This was my introduction to Zack Snyder. The action sequences in this film were intense, the stylized violence and overall carnage made the film much easier to watch compared to other war films. 300 has flaws with its writing and lack of character development.  In the end, it has a great lead with Butler as King Leonidas. Some of Zack Snyder’s creatures got in there (should be wiped out of the film), but his visual spectacle proved he was more than qualified to make good films.

IMDb: 7.7 of 591.000+

Win for Snyder  2-0

2009- Watchmen

Genre: Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi.

This film was incredibly divisive. People who loved the comic book series often loathe this film because it alters so much of the story and characters they love. However, many who didn’t know the comics (myself included) were able to sit back and enjoy. This movie is brutal, disturbing, and thought-provoking. I consider it among the more ambitious superhero films ever made. The length is a bit much, but the characters are amazing and the script has quite a few memorable lines in it. I own this movie and enjoy quite a lot about it.

IMDb: 7.6 of 371,000+

Snyder wins again 3-0


2010- Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure.

This film isn’t particularly memorable, but the animation is pretty solid for its time. Snyder worked the project to completion, it wasn’t a major success and many people poke fun at it, but I think there are far worse animated films out there. This film has some challenging themes for younger audiences and that is something I often promote. The one sore spot is the writing which fails to utilize the potential within.

IMDb:7.0 of  64,000+

While not terrible, it failed to capture audiences.  I have to say it’s a loss for Snyder.


2011- Sucker Punch

By far Snyder’s worst film. The style of the film is interesting has some merit, but the writing is quite awful.   The acting also isn’t that good and it really becomes a confusing mess of a film. Perhaps the biggest FAIL of his career to date.

IMDb: 6.1 of 192,000+

Snyder loses again 3-2


2013- Man of Steel

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Starring: Henry Cavill, Laurence Fisheburne, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon

The film many purist hate with passion, but I actually enjoy.  Yes, the film alters the character that is Superman drastically. There was tons of destruction (because Zod was totally going to be swayed with please and thank you). It was a grim story that had very little camp value. I think it is fine to make a serious superhero movie and this does that.  The visuals are incredible, Hans Zimmer’s score is very nice. I loved the mid movie fight. General Zod was a credible villain. (Really, the worst part of the film was Kevin Costner’s final scene.)   I again own this movie and actually have enjoyed watching it. (I own a of movies by Snyder without realizing.)

IMDb: 7.2 of 509, 000+

Snyder for the wind (Yes, I said win!)


Snyder holds a record of 4-2 with me.  I loved Watchmen, enjoyed 300 and Man of Steel. History suggests that I am going to enjoy Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

2016- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science-Fiction

Starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg

The reviews are pouring in and as expected, it is a film that is dividing people. Some say it is visually spectacular and amazing, while others rip it’s grim tone. Basically, if you have yet to like the work of Snyder, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is likely not going to win you over.

IMDb: 8.0 of 31,000+

Future Works- Snyder has plans beyond DC movies,but for now his focus will turn to the two Justice League Films. Based on his success with previous films, I’m excited to see what he does. There are flaws in Batman v Superman, but that’s because Snyder was very likely forced to add more to satisfy the lizard overlords (Sorry, I meant studio executives.)

2017-Justice League Part One

2019-Justice League Part Two

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