Trailer Reactions: X-Men Apocalpyse and Captain America: Civil War

Watch both trailers and tell me which one did it better and why.

My opening thoughts

X-Men Apocalypse is a third movie in the new X-men series of films.  Bryan Singer has proven time and time again that he makes a really good X-men film.  Plus, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy are exceptional actors worthy of watching.  This is the first time where the X-Men will have a big baddie in Apocalypse. (Magneto is a unique “villain”. Sometimes he isn’t a villain at all.)  The initial feeling about this movie was that I am intrigued, but it’s slow and ominous pace didn’t rally me to buy tickets or even to decide to see it opening night.



After watching the trailer This film looks just as dark (just as before). I’m a bit more interested in seeing the film after this. Nothing particularly took my breath away.  (Apocalypse still makes me think of Ivan Ooze from Power Rangers and no that isn’t so much a good thing here.)  Also, what of Channing Tatum as Gambit?  I know the solo film has been postponed  Will he work in that role or will it be a wooden mistake?

Like I said before, Singer has proven he knows what he is doing (I trust him more than anyone else with this franchise). This new trailer looks better than the last one to me.  I’m ready for more X-Men and I’m intrigued on where they take this franchise in this movie.


Captain America: Civil War

Marvel’s resume is filled with successful movies (from Iron Man (2008) onward anways). They dominate the movie box-office every year causing headaches for everyone else in the movie business (No wonder the academy has little respect for them.)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of their best.  This film has that same feel. (Makes sense given it is directed by the Russo Brothers as well.) Let’s have a look.

Reaction after the trailer.  “Woooooooo!”     This is a great trailer, it doesn’t spoil the movies plot (We already know what it is all about anyways.) It pumps you up with action footage and shows you many (but not all) the characters featured in this film.  I’m ready for this movie maybe more than any other movie this year.

However, I’m going to say something incredibly unpopular right now so brace yourselves.

I am so sick of Spider-Man. I’m tired of seeing him recast and rebooted. Tired of his origin story, tired of his personality.  I’m done the character (right now).  Seeing him in this film, makes me wonder if Marvel can make me like Spider-Man again.  (It is possible.)  The popular feeling is that Marvel has done a very good job bringing its comic book characters to life.  Now they have their hands on Spider-Man. Can they do it again?  I think so.





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