The Rewind-The Iron Giant



imagesThe Iron Giant (1999)

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Director: Brad Bird (Incredibles)

Voice cast features:  Harry Connick Jr. Vin Diesel, Jennifer Aniston John, Mahoney (Martin Crane from Frasier)
IMDB rating 8.0 of 124.000+ ratings and 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and 89% of audiences and critics enjoyed it.

The Iron Giant is about a young boy (Hogarth) who befriends a mysterious metal giant. Together they learn about the giant’s past and his unique perspective on life all the while trying to elude a paranoid government official trying to destroy it.

I feel this film is one of the more underappreciated animated films ever made from the 1990s.  Not to say that people haven’t noticed its greatness, but not enough people. In a decade where Disney ruled the animated landscape, this film by Warner Brothers was excellent. Brad Bird has has a great track record (with the exception of Tomorrowland which was okay at best). His work in this film showcased his talents with a good script, clever humor, well built characters, and a theme that both kids and parents can enjoy.

The voice cast isn’t star-studded, but the people who are in it really work for the characters they portray. truly awesome film that more people should watch or re-watch. Every time I find it on television and watch more than five minutes of it, I become hooked.  Something about a boy and his huge metallic friend is uplifting and wonderful.



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