The Rewind (1990s) The Boondock Saints



The Boondock Saints

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Starring: Willem Dafoe, Norman Reedus, Billy Connolly

Two brothers look to rid the city of Boston of evil men in a controversial manner.   Meanwhile, they are being tracked down by an FBI agent. (Not Mulder or Scully.)

I was going to talk about this movie and use words like entertaining to describe it, but more and more in American society it feels like a reality.  The truth is, the film is interesting. Of course, I think the ideas within it are negative and questionable.  There are moments I don’t care for within the film.  However, I think it’s a decent movie. There is some comedy, some criminal behavior, and the violence we come to expect in any film.


The problem is the American society today feels far too much like an action movie. Except there are real lives being lost, innocent lives, and real tragedies unfolding.  I’m not here to have a frank debate about guns (this is a movie review site after all).  However, I do want to present a few sites, charities, etc that may be able to assist our nation improve on this front.

First off, I think fully understanding a gun is important. Safety classes are offered nearly everywhere and I believe it is a good idea for people of all ages to take these courses.

Mental Health Awareness

Among the more dire issues facing our country is how we treat and diagnose mental health issues.  We need a safer, more accurate way of doing this.  We also need to remove the stigma that getting help for mental health issues is a bad thing.

Chicago Youth Project

One issue facing our cities and country as a whole is gang violence and poverty. We need to help more young men and women from all colors, creeds, and social status get a chance at a higher education and a better life.





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