What to Watch, What to Run From. New Releases

The Breakdown: What to Watch, What to Run From

After a short hiatus (nasty bit of illness) I am back with my discussion of what is opening this weekend.

My prediction is that Deadpool and Kung Fu Panda 3 are going to continue winning. Kung Fu Panda 3 may fall to Race, but Deadpool will dominate another week.

Box Office Watch(2/17/16)


Budget: 58 Million

Domestic: 172.1 Million

Worldwide: 325.3 Million



Kung Fu Panda 3

Budget: NA

Domestic: 103.3 Million

Worldwide: 265.9 Million




Genre:Biography, Drama, Sport

Starring: Stephan James (Selma) Jeremy Irons, William Hurt, Jason Sudeikis

IMDb: 6.8 of 32 ratings

I love the Jesse Owens story, I think he is a great American athlete and hero. The trailers seem interesting, but I have concerns. Something just feels off. It is a great story about a great man. Something worthy of being told, but I’m not sure it fits in movie form.

My call – see it when it comes out on Premium cable/Netflix/Hulu/Redbox ETC

If you LOVE Jesse Owens and that period of history. You probably would enjoy this film. However, if it only mildly interests you. Pass on it in theaters and catch it somewhere cheap later on.

The Witch (2015)

Genre: Horror

IMDb 7.5 of 2,171 Ratings

A family in 1630s New England gets torn apart (emotionally, spiritually) by evil things related to black black magic, possession, and witchcraft in general.

My call: See it

If you have been waiting for an above-average horror film. This is likely perfect for you. It has some major creepiness factor. Focuses on the family and how this evil corrupts and destroys them. The concept is far scarier and of better quality than most horror films.


Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Christian

It’s the story of two Roman soldiers, Clavius and Lucius who need to uncover what happened to Jesus after his crucifixion in hopes to disprove the talk of a resurrected Messiah figure.

IMDb 6.8 of 53 ratings

My Call: See it if you enjoy religious based films.

This one is pretty simple, if you like stories from the Bible on the big screen. Then you’ll probably not hate this. If you aren’t super into these stories, avoid this movie. It’s not for everyone clearly.


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