The Rewind (1990s) Ravenous



Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Starring:  Guy Pearce, David Arquette, Jeffery Jones, Neal McDonough

Basic Plot- Life in a remote western military outpost in the 19th Century takes a very dark turn as the group is ambushed by a clever, but sadistic cannibal.

This film fascinates me because it dives into some really strange things and I love that.  It creates this whole philosophy about cannibalism. The film even bold enough to compare Christianity to this newfound way in a very intriguing manner.

The acting in this film is decent, there is some comic relief (Aka David Arquette). Also some very dark and dry humor scattered throughout. This film is very aware of what it is. Part dark comedy, part horror with a touch of fantasy to make it turn just right.

I think Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle shine in these twisted roles.

The ending is also excellent; it’s funny and quite violent. All coming to a close with one of the finest lines ever uttered in film history (if you have a dark sense of humor that is).


If you can take a twisted sense of humor, like a touch of the fantastic, and aren’t squeamish about some blood and violence. I strongly recommend Ravenous.








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