Movie Review: Deadpool- The Anti-Superhero Film Spectacular


Deadpool (2016)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction

Starring: Ryan Reynolds

This movie is about the renown Marvel comic character named Deadpool. It explains the origin story of this famed mercenary with a mouth. He is insane, he makes pop culture references, dirty jokes, and swears almost constantly.  In a story about love, acceptance, and revenge.

What I didn’t like.

Really, there isn’t much to hate about this film.  The first act of the film was a bit slow at times. It had to explain the Deadpool origin story. I get why that must be, but at times the drastic change in tone threw me off.  I wanted to stay only in the present time of the movie. Also, the supporting cast featuring a couple of X-men figures, but they had so much potential for more.  (The movie acknowledges this in a hilarious way though).

What I did like.

Pretty much the rest of the movie I loved.  Ryan Reynolds proved that he could make a great superhero/comic book related film. He just needs a good team of writers and the right role. He is perfect for Deadpool and plays it well throughout the film.

As you likely know from trailers, one of the characters is the X-Men known as Colossus.  He is a perfect counterpart of Deadpool because he is the iconic hero we come to know and expect while Deadpool stands for anything but that. They play brilliantly off one another throughout the film.

The writing was perfect, they really highlighted the characters effectively. The jokes fell at the right time Filled with pop culture jokes. It takes all the seriousness of previous films (by FOX and Reynolds) and laughs at them.  It was a refreshing superhero film that I hope gets used more often from now on to broaden the style of comic films out there.

It was violent, it was funny, it was clever. Everything I could ever have asked from a Deadpool movie came true.

This movie is definitely not for children under 13 year of age. I would highly recommend keeping them away from this film.

Love It- I’m unsure if I will buy this film, but I still loved it. It was (dare I say) original. A new style of comic book movie that I’ve long waited for. I expect it to do very well financially  and pave the way for more rated R comic films including the Deadpool sequel. This movie was coming in at the perfect time to shake up the comic world and it did that with flying colors.

Minor Spoiler here- (Often times the end credit scenes aren’t worth the wait. As for Deadpool, I think it was a brilliant end scene worthy of your time.  Stay til the end and thank me later.)

Like It

Leave It

Deadpool (2016) trailer- 20th Century FOX



8 thoughts on “Movie Review: Deadpool- The Anti-Superhero Film Spectacular

  1. As you may recall, I’ve been hating on the film’s trailers, but maybe I’ll actually like this one. Oh wait, you loved it. I guess that means the odds of me hating it are pretty high. 😉 Maybe I’ll see it this weekend. Tried to see it tonight with my cousin, but he flaked on me, AS ALWAYS.

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