The Leftovers of January 2016

Leftovers of January


The Revenant (2015)*

Budget: 135 Million

Box Office- Domestic- 138.5 Million-  Worldwide- 281.2 Million

I’ve already discussed The Revenant some because he is technically a 2015 release which happened to have its wide release in early January. The film was incredibly well made and is arguably among the best films of last year.

Here is Red Red Reviews look at The Revenant.

The Hateful Eight (2015)*

Budget: 44 Millions

Box Office- Domestic 52.3 Million  Worldwide 117.1 Million

Same goes for this film. It is among the better films of 2015, with a wide release in 2016. It is a unique moviegoing experience.

Reel Red Reviews shared her review with me about The Hateful Eight.

Kung Fu Panda 3

Genre: Animated, Action, Comedy

Starring: Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, Jackie Chan, Brian Cranston, JK Simmons, Kate Hudson

Box Office- Domestic-41.2 Million/ Worldwide 116.9 Million

It was the wonderful continuation of the Kung Fu Panda 3 saga. A delight to watch. Indicative of its 41.2 million dollar opening weekend. That is the biggest opening ever for an animated movie released in January. Congratuatlations to Dreamworks, it looks promising that they have another hit on their hands. May it only help the company grow stronger (Maybe bring back some of those people they laid off in 2014.)

Ip Man 3- Bottom line is if you liked Ip Man (2008), and Ip Man 2 (2010), then you will enjoyed Ip Man 3. Good action, interesting story. Definitely not for everyone, but if you can appreciate a good foreign film, then sitback and enjoy.

Matter of Taste

Lamb (2015)- Every now and then I miss a movie and I missed this one. Looking at the reviews, the plot, and overall feedback. Doesn’t feel like I’m missing much. Again, not awful, but very much average. It has postives, but nothing that wows.

The Finest Hours- If you like stories based on something that actually happened, you may enjoy this one. It has some decent acting by Chris Pine and Casey Affleck. The story is a bit drawn out for the purposes of making a film A decent movie that came out in January. Those are rare, so savor it.

13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi- Michael Bay tried to make a good film. He didn’t fail. If you like action thrillers. This is a good movie for you. If you don’t, then pass all the way on this one.

Wait For It

The Boy- Still not convinced this is a very good movie. The concept is interesting and I guess it works as this PG-13 hipster-horror film

Yosemite (2015)- There are worse films, but I couldn’t care less that this film exists.

Jane Got a Gun- From what I’ve heard, the title is very deceiving. The film tries, but lacks the writing and continuity behind screen. You can just feel this movie being a mess behind the scenes.

Band of Robbers (2015)- Turns out it’s alright. I wouldn’t watch it in theaters, but if it shows up somewhere very cheap, I may take a look/

Anesthesia (2015) Aptly named because you should probably be under anesthesia if you are watching this.

Rotten (May have their moments, but probably not missing much)

The Forest- There are worse horror movies. It may not ruin your day if you like the genre. Still, probably not worth the ticket price.

Here is what JumpcutUK had to say about this film.

Dirty Grandpa- Wastes the talent of two talented people in De Niro and Efron.

Ride Along 2 – More of the same with a bigger budget. Not needed, but could be worse.

The 5th Wave- Young Adult movies are a trend and you will get bad ones like this too.

Mojave (2015)- Forget this movie is a thing. Better for us all.

Synchronicity- Interesting ideas, but poor execution in film form.

The Absolute Worst (Avoid at all cost if you can)

Exposed- Really wish this one was covered up.

The Masked Saint- Nothing saintly about this movie.

Norm of the North- This is an abomination in movie form.

Fifty Shades of Black- The source material was horrible. This somehow is worse. How!


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