The Breakdown: What to Watch, What to Run From

The Breakdown: What to Watch, What to Run From

Andrew’s Pick of the Week

Kung Fu Panda 3

Genre: Animated, Adventure, Action,Comedy, Family

Starring: Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Dustin Hoffman, Seth Rogen, Kate Hudson, J.K. Simmons, Bryan Cranston, Lucy Liu, David Cross

Po the kung fu panda is back in his third movie. This is the first movie of 2016 which I’m genuinely excited to see. I love animated movies, especially when they hit that top-quality level. I consider this the second best franchise Dreamworks Animation has created (First is How to Train Your Dragon). The movie looks funny, with some heart, and a good amount of action. I’m not expecting to break sacred new ground in animation, but I do expect awesomeness as far as entertainment goes.

My Call- This is a must-see if you love animated films. It promises to be among the better movies released this year in that genre.

IMDb- 8.5 of 570 Ratings


Fifty Shades of Black

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Marlon Wayans

These films are never good, but they can deliver us a cheap laugh. If you really hated Fifty Shades of Grey and have no qualms at the stupidest of humor. You may enjoy this one.

My Take: Wait for this one, these movies may contain some cheap laughs, but aren’t worth the ten-twelve dollars (approximately). All signs suggest you are better off waiting.

IMDb: 4.0 of 217 ratings.

Jane’s Got a Gun

Genre: Action, Drama, Western

Starring: Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton, Ewan McGregor

Plot- A woman seeks to save her outlaw husband from a gang set out to kill him. She will do whatever it takes, even ask an old flame for assistance to keep her husband alive.

My Take:

If you are devoted to westerns, then you will likely tolerate this film. The cast is talented, but it seems they only do so much with the story given. If you love westerns, by all means enjoy. If not, pass on this one.

IMDb: 6.0 of 370 ratings


The Finest Hours

Genre: Action, Drama, History

Starring: Chris Pine, Casey Affleck,

The true story about the Coast Guard attempting a rescue off of the coast of Cape Cod. An oil tanker is split in two during the blizzard of 1952. Only a few brave men can save the sailors now. Can it be done or will all perish in the mighty storm?

My Take:

If you like a historical based drama, then this will probably be a good movie for you. It has some talented actors like Chris Pine and Casey Affleck. The tone of the movie seems to suggest the bravery of the Coast Guard (Make no mistake, they are heroes.) I think if you are not into animated films and want to watch a movie this weekend, this is your best choice.

IMDb: 7.0 of 416 ratings.


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