The Rewind: Fight Club


Fight Club (1999)

Genre: Drama

Director: David Fincher

Starring: Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter, Meat Loaf

Fight Club is about an insomniac office worker , who searches for a meaning change to his otherwise bleak life. In his travels across the country, he meets with an eccentric soap maker named Tyler who inspires him to form an underground fight club. Slowly it develops into something much more.

This film is both accurate and kind of ridiculous. (As crazy as sandwich and milk leads obviously to radioactive giant lizard.) The acting is great, the directing powerful, and the variety of messages powerful. You could watch this movie and find something new each time.

Spoiler warning for those that have no idea about the film.

The anarchist ideals are very fitting of the the 1990s sentiment. Much of this movies “fun” got erased after September 2001.

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton give some of their best performances ever. I do find some of the bleak philosophy a bit much. I always try to build people with honest feedback, not tear them down. This movie tries to break people down to the point that their believe and or follow anything. It does it in a brilliantly effective manner, too.

I’ll admit when I was a teenager filled with angst and dealing with numerous personal tragedies. This movie really spoke to me, but as I matured, the film lost a lot of its effect on me. (Eventually my philosophy became a stark contrast to the overlying messages of the film.)

This movie is very well made, but it’s important to remember it is only a movie. The reality of our world today has virtually made it nothing more than fantasy.


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