The 2nd Annual Drewsoph Awards Part One

Much of this is opinion. I did try to break down performances by how impressed I was personally.  Some of it is how the film made me feel, was it effective in breaking down its subject? Did it make me care about the characters?

Some may disagree with my choices and that’s okay. If you think someone else should have won. Be civil and share with me your thoughts.


Best Action

A good action movie for me has nice visuals, great choreographed fights, and action sequences. It helps if the acting is good, but doesn’t always need to be the case with action. It’s a film it gets me pumped up. One of the first things I want to do after watching a good one is see it again.

Gold– Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Silver-Mad Max: Fury Road

Bronze– Avengers: Age of Ultron

Honorable Mentions

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation



Best Adventure

Adventure is a unique genre because everything can be classfied as an adventure in some way. For this, I tend to lead to a physical journey, traveling from one place to another distance place to stop, create, or destroy something. Good acting, great visuals, and some action all help it.

Gold-Mad Max: Fury Road

Silver-Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Bronze-Furious Seven

Honorable Mention


Inside Out

Best Acting Performance by a Male

There were so many great acting performances this year. Sometimes I hate awards for this reason. A great acting performance doesn’t need an award to be good. Still, people like to place a winner. (I’ll admit it, at times I do as well.)

For people who transformed themselves for a role. Make me believe they are a completely different person than what I know them from.
Gold: Michael Fassbender- Macbeth and Steve Jobs

Silver: Jake Gyllenhaal- Southpaw and Everest

Bronze: Will Smith- Concussion

Some Honorable Mentions

Shameik Moore – Dope

Johnny Depp- Black Mass

Tom Hanks- Bridge of Spies

Joel Edgerton- The Gift

Benicio Del Toro- Sicario


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