Updated December 2015 in review

Because some of these December movies came out last week. Their final box-office numbers will be quite different compared to what is shown here.

I am not including any film that is getting a wider release in January.

Studio Scoreboard

September- December

September- November

Open Roads Films- A-

Buena Vista-Disney- B+

TriStar- B

Bleecker Street B-
Weinstein Company- B-

Fox- C+

Sony/Screen Gems/ Colombia- C+

Warner Brothers- C

Broad Green Pictures- C

Lionsgate- C-

Universal- C-

Paramount D+

EuropaCorp- D

Clarius – D

Focus Features- D

STX Entertainment- D-

Samuel Goldwyn- F

Studio Movie One (Andrew’s Grade) Movie Two Movie Three Movie Four
Sony/Screen Gems/ Colombia Hotel Transylvania 2 (C+)

Concussion (B-)

The Perfect Guy (F)

#5- Spectre (B-)

Goosebumps (B-) The Night Before (B)
Warner Brothers The Intern (B+)

In the Heart of the Seas (C-)

Black Mass (B+) Pan (F)

The 33 (C-)

Creed (A)

Point Break (F)

Europacorp Transporter Refueled (D)   D
Universal Everest (B-) The Visit (C) Crimson Peak (C) Legend (C)

By the Sea (F)

Samuel Goldwyn 90 Minutes in Heaven (F) F
(Bleecker Street) Pawn Sacrifice (B-)  Trumbo (B-) B-
Paramount Captive (D) Parnormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (F) Daddy’s Home (C-) The Big Short (B)
Fox Maze Runner: Scorch Trials (D+)

Youth (B+)

The Martian (A)

Victor Frankenstein (D)

The Peanuts Movies (A-)

Joy (C)

Brooklyn (A)

Alvin and the Chipmunks (F)

Broad Green Pictures A Walk in the Woods (C) C
Lionsgate Sicario (B) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 2) (B) The Last Witchunter (F) Freeheld (D)
Open Roads Films Dope (B)  Spotlight (A) B B
TriStar The Walk (B) B
Buena Vista-Disney Bridge of Spies (A) The Good Dinosaur (C) Star Wars: The Force Awakens A
Weinstein Company Burnt (D)  Carol (B+) Macbeth (A-) D

Focus Features- D


December 2015

(All Movies Still In Theaters)

Movie/ Studio Budget Box-Office Star Power/IMDb Genre
Point Break (Warner Brothers ) 105 Million 58.7 Million worldwide Remake of Point Break (5.2) Action, Crime, Thriller
Joy (Fox) 60 Million 30.3 Million Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper (6.6) Drama, Comedy, Biopic
Daddy’s Home (Paramount) NA 69.2 Million Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg (6.6) Comedy
Concussion (Sony/Colombia) 35 Million 17.3 Million Will Smith, Alec Baldwin, Albert Brooks (7.0) Drama, Sport
Sisters (Universal) 30 Million 52 Million Tina Fey, Amy Poehler (6.7) Comedy
Star Wars (Buena Vista-Disney) 200 Million 1.3 Billion Ensemble Cast/ Star Wars (8.5) Action, Adventure, Sci-fi, Fantasy
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip (Fox) NA 64 Million Chipmunks (3.7) Comedy, Family
The Big Short (Paramount) 28 Million 25.4 Million Ensemble Cast (8.3) Drama
Krampus (Universal) 15 Million 56.8 Million Christmas themed horror (6.8) Horror
In the Heart of the Sea (Warner Brothers) 100 Million 76.9 Million Ron Howard Film (7.1) Action,Adventure, Biography
The Danish Girl () NA 4.4 Million Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander (6.1) Biography, Drama, Romance
Youth (Fox Searchlight) NA 1.2 Million Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel (7.5) Drama
Macbeth (Weinstein Company) NA 9.3 Million Michael Fassbender (7.4) Drama

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