Studio Scorecard (January 2015)

Studio Scorecard- January2015


Notes-  Highlighted films are the ones poor received by critics/fans in general.

Flops- I count a flop as a movie that did not  earn even half its money back.

BB- Blockbuster

Major Hit- Film that cost less than 90 million to make, but earns 150+

Miss- A film that barely makes its money back or not even.

Studio BB Major Hit

150 Million+

Hit Miss or

No Gain

Flop Sequel



More Original Movie
Sony/Screen Gems x The Wedding Ringer
Universal x The Boy Next Door  


The Boy Next Door
Paramount Pictures x Project Almanac Project Almanac


x Paddington Paddington
Fox x Taken 3 Taken 3
Lionsgate x  


 Wild Card Mortdecai

Keep in mind that few truly original films exist today. However, if a film does attempt to be different than movies in a similar scenario. I give that credit.

Studio Movie One (Andrew’s Grade) Movie Two
Sony/Screen Gems The Wedding Ringer (C)
Universal The Boy Next Door (F) Blackhat (F)
Paramount Pictures Project Almanac (C)
(Weinstein/Dimension) Paddington (B+)
Fox Taken 3 (C)
Lionsgate Wild Card (F) Mortdecai (D)

Studio Scores

Weinstein/ Dimension- B+  (More Original Content)

Sony/Screen Gems- C

Paramount Pictures C

Fox- C (Unneeded Sequel)

Lions Gate- F (Overused Plot/Device)

Universal- F  (Overused Plot/Device)




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