March 2015: Box Office Year in Review

March 2015

Best Of March 2015

Title Budget Box-Office Star Power/IMDb Genre
Chappie (Sony/Columbia) 49 Million 102 Million Director- Neill Blomkamp, Hugh Jackman Science Fiction
Home (Dreamworks) 135 Million 386 Million Animated- Steve Martin, Jim Parsons, Rihanna Animated, Adventure, Comedy
Run All Night (Warner Brothers) 50 Million 71.5 Million Liam Neeson Action, Crime
Insurgent (Lionsgate/Summit) 110 Millon 297.2 Million Young Adult Series

Shailene Woodley

Sci-fi, Action
Cinderella (Disney) Buena Vista 95 Million 542.6 Million Cate Blanchett, Director: Kenneth Branagh, Lily James Fantasy
Get Hard (Warner Brothers) 40 Million 111 Million Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart Comedy

1 Disney is still king of fantasy films.

2 Dreamworks can still make a decent animated film/

3 People will pay to see Liam Neeson kick butt even if its a bit more violent than Taken trilogy.

4 Even mediocre young adult movies will bring in money.

5 Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart together in a comedy will likely make money. Kevin Hart is a rising star in the box office sense.

The Worst of March 2015

Title Budget Box Office Star Power Genre
Unfinished Business (Fox) 35 Million 14.4 Million Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco Comedy
The Gunman (Open Road Films) 40 Million 10.6 Million Javier Bardem, Sean Penn, Idris Elba Crime,Action
Danny Collins (Bleecker Street) 10 Million 5.6 Million Al Pacino Comedy

1 Vince Vaughn should try a bit harder or choose better scripts.

2 Yes, a great cast doesn’t mean a good movie.

3 That a good movie (Danny Collins) won’t make money without advertising.

March Studio Scorecard

Studio Blockbuster Major Hit

150 Million+

Hit Miss Flop Sequel/Remake/Overused idea More Original Movie
Fox Unfinished Business Unfinished Business
Open Road Films The Gunman The Gunman
Bleecker Street Danny Collins Danny Collins
Buena Vista (Disney) Cinderella Cinderella
Warner Brothers Get Hard

Run All Night

Get Hard
Sony/Columbia Chappie Chappie
Dreamworks Animation Home Home
Lionsgate/Summit Insurgent Insurgent
Studio Movie One (Andrew’s Grade) Movie Two Movie Three Movie Four
Sony/Screen Gems The Wedding Ringer (C) Chappie (C)
Universal The Boy Next Door (F) Blackhat (F) Fifty Shades of Grey (F) Seventh Son (F)
Paramount Pictures Project Almanac (C) Spongebob Squarepanths: Sponge Out of Water (D) Selma (A) Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (F)
(Weinstein/Dimension) Paddington (B+)
Fox Taken 3 (C) Kingsman: The Secret Service (B-) Unfinished Business (D)
Lionsgate Wild Card (F) Mortdecai (D) The DUFF (C) Insurgent (C-)
Relativity The Lazarus Effect (F)
Buena Vista (Disney) McFarland, USA (C) Cinderella (B)
Warner Brothers Focus (C) American Sniper (B) Jupiter Ascending (D) Get Hard (D)

#5-Run All Night (C)

Open Roads Films The Gunman (D)
Bleecker Street Danny Collins (B-)
Dreamworks Home (B-)

Yearly Studio Scores-


Buena Vista (Disney)- B-

Dreamworks- B-

Bleecker Street-B-

Fox- C-

Sony- C

Paramount- C-

Warner Brothers C-

Lionsgate- D+

Open Road Films- D

Relativity- F

Universal- F


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