The Rewind (1990s) Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Genre:Action, Drama, War

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Ted Danson, Paul Giamatti, Dennis Farina

I don’t like war films. As I’ve stated several times in this blog.  Many war films either try to paint war as this glorious place where men and heroes are made.

While others expose war for the horror that it is.

I have studied world history extensively, I’ve read about and seen horrendous atrocities. I don’t need to relive the most violent part of mankind in anyway.

All this said, the directing, the acting, the props, the story, and really everything else about Saving Private Ryan is quite incredible.

I give credit to Steven Spielberg crafting a beautiful (in a filmmaking sense) and riveting movie.  I say that war doesn’t make men or heroes, but there are exceptions. A group of people uniting to go behind enemy lines and rescue one of their own is rather heroic. This movie is among the best war movies ever made, but I stand by Apocalypse Now (1979) as my favorite.




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