Movie Review- The Night Before


The Night Before

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, Mindy Kaling, Miley Cyrus(and a couple awesome cameos.)

Three friends unite one more time to celebrate Christmas Eve together. It’s been fourteen years since Isaac and Chris had taken Ethan under their wing after his parents are killed in a car crash. Now with life moving along to brand new adventures like parenthood and fame. These three decide to have the most glorious guys night out of their lives.

What I didn’t like

First off, this movie is a stoner comedy which means there is plenty of jokes about drugs, getting high, among other things, and the after effects of such things. Now I’ve witnessed the firsthand destruction of many because of drug addiction and it is not funny. People lose everything to drug use and I can’t fully endorse that aspect of this movie.

However, I knew this going in, there are parts of this movie which the characters usage of weed or whatever else makes it funnier. Though I have to knock off a few points because of it.

The only  other major issue is that this movie doesn’t go to new places. You know how it is going to roll out from start to finish. The ride is enjoyable, but not unexpected.

What I did like about the movie.

The acting in the movie is pretty good. Seth Rogen plays the guy who gets stoned/wasted out of his mind. He plays the overly cartoonish version of Seth Rogen. Anthony Mackie does a good job acting like an entitled NFL athlete. Meanwhile the most impressive to me was of course the work by Joseph Gordon-Levitt who nails his role as the troubled friend. Gordon-Levitt is so versatile and talented, he can go into this movie and pull it off. (Truly a gifted actor.)

At the core of this film is a heartfelt story of friendship. About three guys who ultimately are always there for one another. Each of them has their serious issues they must confront and the others always offer support. I really liked that aspect of the film and gave it some much needed heart. (Reminded me of a less……elitist/dumb version of Entourage.)

This movie probably is going to end up being the funniest film of the year. (Unless Will Ferrell and or Tina Fey really impress this Christmas with their movies.) This film isn’t as hilarious or original as This is the End (2013), but it is much funnier than The Interview (2014).


Going To Own It:

Loved It:

Liked It: I really enjoyed the film. It provided me with plenty of laughs seeing in sober. Perhaps for others who are not of sound mind, it will be even more hilarious. (I’m not sure, not about to test it though.) If you like raunchy jokes and plenty of drug humor. This is a film for you.

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