The Rewind 1990s (Hercules)

I feel this Disney movie wasn’t the best, but still above average animation.

The Movie Guy and Friends

Hercules (1997)

Genre:Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Starring: Danny DeVito, James Woods, Rip Torn

The son of the Greek Gods Zeus and Hera is stripped of his immortality as a baby. He must find a way to become a true hero in order to reclaim his birthright.

Let’s get the obvious out-of-the-way. This is not the traditional story of Hercules, it’s the very Disney version.  I take a little off of the movie because of that, but it is still a fun film.

What makes this movie worth watching is the work done by James Woods as Hades and Danny DeVito as Phil the half-man, half-goat trainer.  What I like most about this film is the humor, much more subversive than other Disney movies.

Like any Disney animated movie of the 1990s, the movie is well above average. The characters are likable, the villain is memorable, and the animal sidekicks are some…

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