Movie Review: Goosebumps

Goosebumps (2015)

Genre:Action, Adventure, Comedy

Starring: Jack Black, Amy Ryan

Decided to watch The Goosebumps Movie and wound up having a pleasant time. The action was crisp, acting was far from dreadful  (even with the younger cast), and the overall story worthy of the Goosebumps name.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way. The biggest issue was the CGI, at times it was very apparent it was CGI. I suppose it was done that way in order to not be too scary for younger viewers, but still. I have to take some points off because it could have been done better. (Especially the werewolf … that was awful.)  The acting of the younger cast was decent, but not stellar. Though playing a group of awkward teenagers is going to look awkward. There were a couple of scenes I didn’t enjoy the style of filming, it hurt my eyes to watch which was problematic. The movie had this potential to suggest something amazing about writing and it faltered there. It was on the tip of their tongues, but they didn’t go with it.  That would have made the movie next level stuff and inspire a new generation to write their own stories.

Jack Black worked as R.L. Stine, (though he doesn’t really look like him) he mentioned in an interview that he tried to be a little bit like Orson Welles in this movie and I could absolutely see it. Sometimes it was cheesy overacting, but other times it was spot on and I enjoyed it.  Black was the best part of the movie for me for humor, but that’s because I’m of an older crowd.  Still, I enjoyed the three main teenage actors. They fit well with Black and were entertaining. The movie had a few moments where it was heartfelt, you felt for the characters and their unique situations. This made my connection to them stronger and made me like the movie even more than before.  The film had a couple of surprises that I really enjoyed and I won’t spoil, but they even caught me a bit off guard and I love it.

In the end, Goosebumps was entertaining, the acting and writing was solid, the action was very intense at times. I laughed, I felt for the characters. It gave me almost everything I hoped for except the few I mentioned earlier.  It is a good time for anyone with children over the age of eight.

Loved It

Liked It- I enjoyed Goosebumps. It had its flaws, but in all was an intense, creepy movie for ages 9-16 and up.  I think the movie is too intense for your average eight year old (always exceptions to the rule of course).

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